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November 7, 2005

HarryTho 11/07 Natalee Holloway Update And Commentary

Topics: Natalee Holloway

In the past few weeks, we have posted a melee of information concerning Natelee's disappearance. What I would like to open with tonight is an assessment of all our information. The case of Natalee's disappearance has two components: first, Natalee's absence and second Natalee's disposition.

In the first component, what we have been led to believe is that Natalee was taken advantage of by Joran van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers. This premise has been based upon the notion that these three suspects were last ones admitting to have been seen with Natalee. Whether this is true or not is of little consequence to our resolution. Even if the last ones to be seen with Natalee were some of her Mountain Brook friends, the resolution remains unaffected. I say this, because neither group of culprits exhibits the wherewithal to dispose of Natalee or her body.

Other options to this first phase are abduction by sex slavers or fisherman with evil intentions. These possibilities arise from the White Toyota adduction report and the fact that fisherman around the Marriott Beach disavow any witnessing of Joran and Natalee on the beach.

The second component, disposition, requires an ability to remove Natalee, undetected, from Aruba.

This component will restrict the options of the first component. First, it is unlikely that "usual" water transportation off of Aruba could remove Natalee without the knowledge of the Mansur family. The Mansur family are the King of the Bums on Aruba. They control everything. Any fastboat to Venezuela could not have left Aruba without their knowledge, either initially prior to departure or eventually as Natalee were moved from location to location in Venezuela. To think otherwise would be naive. Accordingly, any scenario involving Natalee's removal to Venezuela without the Mansur family in participation would be improbably. Hence, if Natalee is in Venezuela, the Mansur family is involved.

Two scenarios implicate the Mansur family.

The first involves an extortion scheme in which the Mansurs desire the cooperation of AmSouth Bank to launder their ill-gotten gains in the United States. The second involves a conspiracy with Twitty-Holloway group to scam Americans in the Trust Fund schemes established through AmSouth Bank. I discount the trust fund scam, because Beth Twitty would need to be an Oscar-caliber actress in order to put on the show that she has for the last five months. Hence, the only Mansur-involved scenario would be extortion for money laundering.

The other two removal scenarios involve foreign fishing fleets and the Marriott fishermen.

The foreign fishing fleets would need to have been in port and abducted Natalee in a "to whom it may concern" scenario ... any white woman would have done. The fleet fishermen would take Natalee to their trawler and transport her to a mother ship to act as their sex slave. Since these ships remain at sea indefinitely, we would never discover Natalee aboard them. Since the mother ships remain in the high seas' areas, no country has jurisdiction to board them.

The last situation involves the Marriott fishermen.

They could have abducted Natalee and took her to sea, unnoticed. In this scenario, Natalee is abused for a few days then fed piecemeal to the pelagic sharks.

The only scenario that could involve the Mountain Brook teens is one in which only a few influential teens knew of Natalee's demise and hoodwinked her onto the McWane jet that came, with Beth Twitty aboard, for Virginia Page. This scenario implicates some wealthy Alabamans, including Rufus Page.

As for the lying of Joran and the Kalpoe brothers, as well as, the Mountain Brook teens, I believe, that it is obvious that both groups were engaged in less than acceptable behavior that they prefer was not made public. The picture that we posted of William Morris and Fances Ellen Byrd is no advertisement for responsible drinking.

There is no scenario that implicates Joran van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers.

As I peruse the aforementioned options, it becomes only too clear that the Marriott fishermen provide the most-likely scenario for the abduction of Natalee. They possess everything to make her disappear, and they were on-scene, despite their disavowing any observation of Natalee.

For those unawares of fishing techniques, people do fish at night, because some fish feed at night. In Hawaii, night fishermen dot most of the North Shore of O'ahu, and most all other islands.

All Marriott fishermen would need was a boat to take them to sea. I know only a few fishermen that do not own a boat. I bet that forensic evidence of Natalee's presence could be found on one of their boats.

From reader "Chip" (via email) we have excerpts of a posting from a commenter at Dan Riehl's site (Riehl World View), that was interesting enought that Chip saved it, but didn't recall the link (hat tip - Dan Riehl, who has been a stalwart in the blogosphere's investigation of Natalee's disappearance):

Ok guys, this is it. This is what I'm going to the news media radio will eat this up (this is what I sent to the National Enquirer just a few minutes ago). I am going to throw some diesel on the fires...they're getting a little low. Hey Meriam...what say you about this theory of mine?

Let me tell you about myself: I am a common guy with a very sharp mind and an intolerance for injustice. I work 8-5 for a civil engineer in Texas; I have a degree from Texas A&M University. I'm a good Christian (Baptist), single, no kids, who loves computers. Money and fame means nothing compared to reuniting Natalee with her folks, so I don't expect compensation of any kind. Feel free to use any or all of what I send...whatever falls into the professional bounds of printed journalism. Note: about the tanker ship: not verified, just found that out earlier tonight...about two hours ago. My guy went through a LOT of heartache to get that info.

Yeah, I said reuniting. Natalee isn't dead...I'l be happy to go into detail about why I think that. I'll try to explain as briefly as I can, but it takes some explaining. First of all, I am a volunteer and amateur sleuth that just kind of fell into the role I have now. I have a dedicated group of about a dozen helpers I've met ranging from a mother who lost her son years ago and still needs her own answers, a retired criminal profiler from the Netherlands, an oilfield administrator with Schulumberger who is from Trinidad and VERY familiar with the Caribbean and Americas due to his job, a psychic who sees real events in real time (remote viewing), a guy with a background in Search and Rescue much like Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch, an FBI informant in Birmingham, and a lot of concerned people who will do anything they can to help Natalee and her folks. I have contact with both the Twittys and Holloways, as do a few of my trustys. The way this works is, people send me tips and leads. I have the right people verify them if I can. I compile them and send to the FBI, the Twittys, and the Holloways for their use.

Let me tell you a few things I've learned 'on the inside' of this investigation. First, anything the Aruban LE releases publicly is utter and absolute crap. They're trying to wait out the Twittys and Holloways and placate the media like Fox News (poor Greta, she has no idea she's being led around by the nose). Below is the real story in a nutshell, based on what my sources close to the family have told me, what my trustys have dug up, and some of what my Aruban friends are willing and able to corroborate. Remember Fox News mentioning the internet sleuths? That was us.

First, about Joran Van Der Sloot. He's a creepy kid with bad parents, but he's no murderer, not even by accident as he claims. Don't get me wrong, he's no angel: people have come out to Fox and CNBC about his past. Usual weekend activities: pick up unsuspecting tourist girl- someone cute and naive, find out when her last night on the island is, hook up that night, drug, date rape, leave on the beach (to slink off in shame with little memory of the night's events), repeat next weekend. Ok, so why the lies and confession and story changes? Joran is a glory hog according to my profiler: he thinks of himself as a Tom Cruise in training, and being held for a crime he won't get convicted of is a great way to feel important. So confessions and story changes when he feels like the limelight is off him. As for what happened on May 30, well...

Joran hooks up with Natalee just as described. He invites her to a 'private party' after hours at C&Cs. Slips her an X, gets the Kalpoes to pick them up, Satish drops Joran, Nat, and Deepak off at a private party. Now where exactly I don't know, but /possibly/ at the home of Lorenzo Van Rijn. Well, there's some people at the party Joran isn't comfortable with...local drug dealers, maybe some local cops (oh yes, again verified by eyewitnesses: the LE even up to Jan Van Der Straaten are known to hit the parties after hours). Joran gets nervous and he and Deepak leave Natalee there, thinking she'll turn up again just like all the other girls.

But then somebody deviates from the plan. Maybe Natalee wasn't all the way under and saw who was there (Van Der Straaten, drug dealers). Maybe she just came to in the middle of the 'party' and was witness to her own assault. Anyway, the guys at the party keep her a while longer, but three things happen that totally screw things up: Nat manages to make a few phone calls when nobody's looking, she leaves her hairbrush behind, and Van Der Straaten shows up at that party to collect his take.

So he knows Nat was there and with who and she knows he was there. Next morning Beth Twitty is already in Aruba crying havoc. Paulus our judge-in-training (he actually failed his exam) wakes up Joran and asks about Natalee. Joran tells him what happened (and washes Deepak's car real well to eliminate any trace that Nat was ever with them that night). Paulus calls up his buddy Van Der Straaten: "Jan, we have a problem..." "Paulus, don't worry; I'll take care of it" Well, the Twittys bring a small army of reporters and volunteers with them, and it makes returning Natalee really, really tough. Jan was hoping he could find Natalee, plant her on the beach, and "Oh look, just as we said. She was hanging out with the beach bums like usually happens."

But now even after he finds Natalee, he can't return her without all this mess being exposed... including the past charges of accepting bribes from the local drug dealers to look the other way. Don't believe me? Call up Chuck Geiss at Black & White Birmingham newspaper and ask him how hard he has it trying to corroborate dirt on Van Der Straaten. Well, what can Jan do? He can stall...and he tries. Unfortunately, the Twittys and Holloways are the best parents in the world (and I sincerely mean that), and they ain't leaving.

Meanwhile, Paulus catches Joran bragging about his latest conquest at school (just ask Joran's buddies Alex and Jaime), and coaches Joran and the Kalpoes on what to say and how to stick to the story. So Jan starts making arrests, questioning people, and finally settles on holding Joran: there is no forensic evidence to prove he did anything, and Jan knows even if it goes to trial Joran will get off. Meanwhile, the family may give up and leave. They don't, so Jan has to up the ante: a protest to try to get the family off the island, then Tim Miller with Texas EquuSearch shows up and lets himself be blithely led around in body, no crime, right?

Well this makes a great distraction: people looking for a body they will never find because Natalee is still using hers. Looks like something is getting done to the media and the family, right? No! They're still there being very determined and amazingly strong, even after Jan threatens to shut down the case if the Twittys don't stop being so vocal. That kind of works: they shush up but they don't leave but they hire their own PIs. Damn! Ok...up the ante: get Natalee's hair off hairbrush (or somebody else's hair, really doesn't matter either way), plant evidence to be found even though that locale was already searched. "Oh must've washed up out of the sea". Family is still there!

Well, we need more compelling evidence now: how about DNA? Sure, grab the Kalpoes and Joran and get some, no problem. Sorry Paulus, but Joran's going to have to take the fall after all unless you want every drug dealer on this island...and maybe even those really dangerous mafiosos you owe money to (not saying names but the guy who wons certain casionos)...after your head. Joran's a minor so even if he gets convicted of murder he'll only get ten years. Maybe that will get the family out of there, we return Natalee (well, maybe), and Joran gets released.

Remember the haircut Joran got not long ago? Don't be surprised if Joran's hair turns up someplace convenient as evidence too. Aruban LE must think we're stupid...but the Twittys ARE losing sight of finding Natalee and getting wrapped up in justice. They want a fall guy because they're so convinced Nat is dead and in so much pain from not knowing. Luckily, all the family is not convinced. In the meantime, who has Natalee and why? Well, right now she is on an oil tanker being held, and probably being abused to break her down so when she is returned she won't talk.

All I know about this vessel is it makes port of call in Costa Rica, probably takes oil from Venezuela to Africa or maybe Europe, was in Aruba or perhaps Venezuela between 05/31 and 06/10, and has a German registry. That ship is probably halfway across the Atlantic by now, but luckily in international waters. 70N, 45E maybe?

OK, do what you will with this. I am going to the talk radio stations I have contact with starting tomorrow (one of my people helped Ken Starr with Whitewater, so she knows her media contacts), and I'm sending this to Greta at Fox even thought if she's missed this all thus far she will never pick up the right track. Like I said, go ahead and use any of this you can with my blessing, and feel free to call me.

The Twittys and Holloways and the FBI have this info, but don't seem to be acting on it much...they really don't take us seriously. As long as this is, I've left out a lot of details (such as my insider to the case who tipped me off to a lot of this). - Dan in Texas.

My view on this posting is that "Dan from Texas" offers a a good theory. It rivals our fisherman's theory. The key element is that this theory provides a clue as to how Natalee was removed from Aruba. It is similar to our theories. Whether the former police chief is into payoff or not is immaterial. He runs an island in the streams. To me, the only way that he has been able to keep Aruba away from the crime-ridden islands of the Caribbean is by managing the crime. From the low crime rate, you can tell that he has been successful. Additionally, he has the cooperation of the King of the Bums, Jossy Mansur.

On the point of Joran van der Sloot taking Natalee to a drug party which happens to be frequented by the notables of the Aruban underworld, there is validity. After all, there exists no proof that Joran and the Kalpoes ever went to California Beach, the van der Sloot's home or the Marriott Beach.

Accordingly, I would accept this theory as plausible.

Dan Riehl has posted, "Natalee Holloway: WSBTV Claiming New Information."

The news will air tomorrow night (Tuesday). Dan's blog posters are saying that this news comes from two private investigators (PI) hired by the Twittys to investigate Natalee's disappearance. I suspect that the PIs are TJ Ward and a compatriot.So, we will be getting a National Enquirer version of the Aruban drug-sex scene.

One poster claims that these two PIs discovered five island girls who originally claimed that Joran and the Kalpoe brothers had drugged then assaulted them. Drugging involved an unnamed concoction placed in their drinks. Regrettably, when it came time to make declarations to the police, the girls backout, claiming fears from retaliation.

Next - Joe Scarborough interviewed Dave Holloway over the letter sent by the Aruban Attorney General to the Governor of Alabama.

Dave described the Aruban Attorney General's response to their initial letter requests a fresh start to the investigation into their daughter's disappearance as running around in circles. Dave said that in order for changes to take place they will have to deal with the Dutch authorities in the Netherlands. Additionally, he claims that the Minister of Justice, Rudy Croes, said that if the Aruban authorities wait long enough the case will go away.

Joe Scarborough described Aruba as a banana republic.

Dave went into how Police Chief Dompig has riled the Aruban people against Beth Twitty by insinuating that Beth was somehow involved in the disappearance of Natalee and is making money off her absence.

When questioned by Joe on the boycott, Dave employed the elected officials' technique: they elect their officials, and we elect our officials. Whatever our elected officials decide is what will happen.

Joe insists that a showdown is coming.

In somewhat of an update, The two PIs mentioned in Dan's post tonigh appear to be Harold Copus, a former FBI agent that disclosed Michael Posner's credentials, and a guy named Weeks who owns Investigative Solutions in Georgia.

Via Riehl World View: Natalee Holloway Discussion 280

The "breaking news" that they kept advertising all weekend in Atlanta was a joke. It was a rehash of crap that we have heard before.

The 2 investigators were hired by BT - Harold Copus and Weeks, who own Investigative Solutions in GA. You could tell this entire thing was instigated by BT who BTW was on there and said that "the 3 just have to be reincarcerated" - Big Surprise. They reported about the girls that WERE going to come forward and remember they never did saying J2K had drugged them and taken them to the beach and left them. Tomorrow night they plan to tell where they think Natalee is. I'm sure tomorrow night will be the replay of Dr Phil's theory.

As usual no new info just the same rehashed crap from Beth Twitty.

BTW - They did say the the MB kids would DEFINITELY be reinterviewed.

Posted by: gagal_05 | Nov 7, 2005 7:30:23 PM

Rita Crosby on MSNBC News says Governor Riley of Alabama (tomorrow) will call for a boycott of Aruba.

Arlene Ellis-Schipper defended Aruba's government with the separation of powers, and called the boycott blackmail. Wendy Murphy scorned the Aruban government, because a "rich kid and son of a judge" got a free walk. Joe Mommana says that Philadelphia will come on board the boycott. The other guests interviewed, both lawyers, disagreed with the boycott as illegal, in that the tragedy in Aruba is not in the national interests, and is a private matter.

With that we'll call it another night. The Natalee Holloway case appears to be a case that doesn't won't to slip off American's radar anytime soon! Aloha

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Posted for HarryTho

Posted by Richard at November 7, 2005 7:42 PM

I think the fellow from Texas is a little light upstairs but may have a good point about her being on a Tanker, but he is a BS about everything else

Posted by: flightoffancy at November 8, 2005 12:20 AM

He did seem a bit proud of himself!

Posted by: Richard at November 8, 2005 1:53 AM

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