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November 13, 2005

DIARIO In Aruba Lied About 'Failed To Disclose' Source Of Information - Plagiarized Their Article (Updated)

Topics: Follies of the Mainstream Media

It appears that Hyscience's source for our post about politicians in Alabama who have gotten money from Holland, Paul Hamaker, says he has caught Jossy Mansur and the DIARIO in Aruba, PLAGIARIZING. Although we've suspected this in the past, Paul says he has proof!

In our post, Hyscience wrote:

The following information is posted for Paul Bryan Hamaker, who emailed the information to us. Paul claims to have verifiable information that Bob Riley, Jeff Sessions, and Richard Shelby - Gov and Senators from Alabama, have all consistently received money from the Netherland's PACS [extensive list of politicians and amounts follows in post - (scroll down)].
DIARIO (via Aruba Truth) wrote:
Here, DIARIO presents the figures from 1998 to 2005. Spencer Bachus got $26,555. Bob Riley got $4,500. Jeff Sessions got $15,000. Richard C. Shelby got $15,000.
Diario copies and reports the story of Riley and Senators money from Netherlands as if it was theirs. Hyscience, Bushy Haired Stranger, and Aruba Truth all got their information from the same source, Paul Bryan Hamaker, but did not claim it was their information.

According to Paul, Hyscience got it first and in a complete form, the rest got an abbreviated note or comment.

Paul emailed us to say that he sent Diario the information, in order to see if they would use it as their own, and they did - the day after Hyscience posted all of the information.

Paul says that he has the email to prove it.

Looks like the Twittys and Fox News could be in bed with someone that passes material off as his own, or at the very least, fails to disclose that he received the information from an outside source, prior to the writing of his article.

Posted by Richard at November 13, 2005 1:16 AM

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