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November 1, 2005

Counting the cost of the New Delhi terrorist attack

Topics: Islam And The War On Terror

India's economy has begun to pick up. In recent years there has been a air of optimism and large investment from overseas companies such as Vodafone. Will the New Delhi bomb blast make a difference to the investors?

This and other questions are asked in this piece that I found from the Guardian. The writer gives a bit of history with regard to other violent attacks that have been borne by India.

Even though there are other groups in India who have an agenda, such as the Sikhs, it seems clear that the members of the group behind the attack are Islamofacists. It seems that the motive was to strike against any moves towards a peace process between India and Pakistan - by driving a wedge between the two governments as one states that someone from Pakistan was responsible and Pakistan says, no they were not responsible. However, there are other possible motives that in the long run could indicate that India's fragile economy could die rather than continue to grow.

When you compare the economic situation in Bali and that of India, one can see that there is a relationship between motive, religion and economy. The Balinese are non-Muslim. They depend upon tourists to keep their economy viable. Those responsible for the Bali bombings are Muslim and to them the Balinese and the tourists are Kafur. This is also true of the areas that were struck in New Delhi, since they also rely heavily on the tourist dollar. A bomb blast of the size experienced in New Delhi, as well as the most recent in Bali, is sufficient for potential tourists to make the decision of going elsewhere for a holiday. That decision hurts the economy of the affected area, thus making it harder to come back from the brink of disaster and destruction.

Sometimes we forget to look at the economic impact of this form of activity. The aim of these bombs is to scare away the tourists, as well as the taking of the lives of those who are already considered to be Kufr (easy game with an open season, in our parlance).

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