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November 5, 2005

Annan's trip to Iran on hold

Topics: Iran, Terrorism

Iranian officials put their own spin on the cancellation of Annan's tour:

In Tehran, a Foreign Ministry source contended it was Iran, not Annan, who wanted the trip rescheduled "to a more appropriate time in the future," the official Iranian news agency Irna reported.

Iran said comments made by Annan on Thursday were "under the influence of American officials and were not interpreted well in Tehran."

Annan, who had previously rebuked the Iranian president, told reporters on Thursday that "no one in the international community defended what the Iranian president said and the Security Council itself issued a statement." He was answering questions on why he had not called off the trip.

Kofi Annan has stuck by his comments regarding the inappropriate statements made by the Iranian leadership.

The Iranian leadership has been roundly condemned by leaders all around over the remarks and threat to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. It is all very well putting a spin on the cancellation of the Annan visit but it is time that Iran was made accountable for its role in the spread of terror throughout the Middle East.

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