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November 4, 2005

Al-Qaeda Chief Escapes From Bagram - And That's All There Is To The Story?

Topics: Islam And The War On Terror

The news is that AL-QAEDA'S former South-East Asian chief has escaped from a US military prison in Afghanistan, "sparking outrage and fears of fresh terrorist attacks."

They claimed their flight, after picking a jail cell lock, was "remarkably easy", according to station journalists. They said they fled on a Sunday, when most US personnel were off duty. In the video, apparently filmed in Afghanistan, the men show fellow militants a map of the base and the location of their cell.

The escape of Omar al-Faruq, with three other alleged terrorists, from the Bagram Air Base in July was suppressed, emerging only after he failed to testify at a US military tribunal on Tuesday.

Arrested in Indonesia in July 2002, Faruq provided vital intelligence on the al-Qaeda network and warning of a major terrorist attack in Indonesia just before the Bali bombings.

Doesn't that sound just a little too "remarkably easy"? We really should be calling it, "The Great Escape" - Redux.

They had him since 2002, and they fled on a Sunday, when most US personnel were off duty. I don't recall hearing that on the cable news, only that they escaped. Does Al-Qaeda provide "lock picking" classes? Maybe it's just me, but doesn't the fact that it happened on a day that most US personnel were off duty sound just a little fishy?

Think about the fact that they had to know how to pick a lock, then about their having had something to pick a lock with, that they indeed did pick a lock - if they did, and then they somehow managed to get completely out of the Bagram prison without being detected - that's a few too many miracles for me to digest in one sitting. That is unless a whole lot of "someones" were sleeping on the job.

So where's the real story here - that a terrorist chief escaped from a secure US prison, or how he did it and did he have help?

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