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October 18, 2005

Your Tax Dollars At Work (So they don't have to): 'Katrina evacuees boozing it up on Cape Cod'

Topics: Natural Disasters

You work hard at your job to earn your money, and being the good American that you are, when disaster strikes, you're there to help with your donations, and of course - your tax dollars that go to the aid of the victims, such as with those of hurricane Katrina. And they really appreciate your sacrifice:

Hurricane Katrina evacuees using federal assistance money are living the high life with alcohol and strippers in Massachusetts, the Boston Herald said Tuesday.

The newspaper's investigation recorded "a virtual parade of evacuees from a bus stop in the Wal-Mart parking lot in Falmouth to nearby liquor stores.

"Some emerged and openly swilled from brown-bagged containers, while others poured booze into jugs or plastic cups and casually sipped drinks at the Wal-Mart bus stop."

At a Mashpee strip club, a dancer named Angel told the newspaper she had done several lap dances for evacuees, who tipped her $5 each time. Since the Sept. 8 arrival of the original 235 evacuees, Gov. Mitt Romney and the Legislature approved a $25 million emergency aid package to feed and house the evacuees at Camp Edwards on Otis Air Force Base. As of mid-September, the Red Cross had also given out another $25,000 in debit cards for victims sent to Massachusetts after the storm slammed Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama Aug. 29.
After all, without you, they'd have to get a job themselves. But of course, instead, they have you do work for them.

Don't you just love where our liberal, immoral, valueless society is taking us!

Posted by Richard at October 18, 2005 7:18 AM

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