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October 24, 2005

Wind Blown Reporter Faces Down Wilma (Video)

Topics: Natural Disasters, Video

orlando_salinas.jpgFox News correspondent Orlando Salinas in Key West, FL gets wind blown as Hurricane Wilma approaches. The police have sought shelter but it looks like field reporters haven't had the same disaster readiness training.

"It is really starting to pick up," Salinas says in between wind gusts. "Everyone's gear is getting blown around.... This is what officials have been worried about. For all of these folks who decided to wait this one out. They are stuck here. We haven't seen police around here for an hour and a half. [note: this is a clue] ... I tell ya what, I have lost my shoes. The wind is that strong knocked me down and my shoes are gone."

He is brave - check out the video. Now will someone tell this shoeless guy to get out of the storm?

Video: Low Resolution (High)

Posted by tim at October 24, 2005 3:08 AM

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