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October 10, 2005

Was the earthquake Divine Retribution?

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This is a rhetorical question aimed at the fact that prior to the earthquake there was an incident in Islamabad involving the persecuted adherents of the Islamic Ahmadi sect. It was simply too hard to resist the temptation to point out the sequence of events.

The attack on the Ahmadis occurred when they were at their Friday prayer. The terrorists were armed and opened fire with their Kalishnikov rifles, killing 6 of the worshippers on the spot.

The Ahmadi adherents have been banned from worshipping inside of any mosque. They have been persecuted for at least the last 10 years by their fellow Muslims. The reason for the enmity is that the Ahmadis believe that their founder is a prophet but other Muslims claim that this is heresy since they believe Mohammed (the non-prophet) to be the last of the prophets. The adherents of the Ahmadi sect are non-violent people. They are not involved in the acts of terror that are occurring around the world at the hands of the Wahibi and the Sunni Islamics.

The earthquake has killed far more people than hurricane Katrina in the United States. It makes one ponder the possibility that perhaps "Allah is not happy because innocent blood is being spilled," after all, wasn't Katrina "Allah's" retribution for gambling, sin, and corruption in New Orleans?

Sort of related and interesting: California Yankee - The tragic earthquake struck where the world's most wanted terrorist avoids justice, but maybe not mother nature's wrath.

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