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October 31, 2005

The Indian Festival of Diwali - A Triumph of Good over Evil

Topics: Islam And The War On Terror

Reuters offers an interesting perspective on the Diwali Festival (festival of lights) that the Indians are preparing to go ahead with in spite of the attack by Islamic extremists - that it can be seen as a triumph of good over evil.

Once again it has been the innocent who have died in Delhi, but the Indian Hindu spirit is alive and well. Despite their pain and loss of so many friends and relatives, they prepare for a festival that will show the bombers that good will always prevail over evil. This shows up the inate goodness of a pagan people who are, most of the time very peaceful. The Indian capital of Delhi is also preparing for a Muslim festival that is to be held in the city after Diwali is completed. The terror that has been brought to the city by outsiders has been condemned by the older Muslims in the community, and although a good sign, a world-wide cacaphony of collective vociferous outcries from non-radical Muslims is necessary and appropriate, but is yet to be heard. Muslims need to be seen by all to raise their voices in sincere anger against those who use violence to achieve their objectives.

Indonesia, Bali, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, London, New York, Madrid and all the other cities and places that have been hit by these crimes against humanity need to form a pact whereby Islamic terrorists are systematically hunted down, every one of them - along with their leaders and/or state sponsors, and are forced to meet the kind of justice that they deserve. Continuing with a "Mr. Nice Guy," politically correct approach, just isn't cutting it.

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