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October 6, 2005

Taylor Behl Family Member 99.9% Sure It's Taylor's Body: Here's A Question! (Updated - It is Taylor)

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I consider Dan Riehl to be one of the better lead dogs on the hunt for Taylor Beal and her killer, and he's posting that a Behl family member told a newscaster they were 99.9% sure the body found today is that of Taylor Behl. They are reporting a photo taken from the computer of Ben Fawley was shown to another individual who identified the location - an abandoned farmhouse.

Investigators visited early today and smelled the scent of decay in the area prior to discovering a shallow grave. See video here.

One source close to the investigation said clothing found at the scene is similar to clothing that may have been worn by Behl before she disappeared.

In Dan's later update, he writes:
Police have said Fawley did not provide enough specifics in his police report to properly investigate the alleged attack. But investigators have found inconsistencies between his report to them and entries describing the attack that he allegedly posted on one of his Web sites.

The entries make reference to a former girlfriend, whom Fawley believes to be behind the attack. Investigative sources said the ex-girlfriend is from Diggs in Mathews County. Her family has property near the location where the human remains were discovered yesterday.

The ex-girlfriend could not be reached for comment. Police would not confirm if she was the woman who had identified the photo that led investigators to Mathews County.

Dan comments that "Something feels like it isn't adding up, somehow."

His comment opens the door to a question. I believe that the one killer option may be the reason for "things to not be adding up." Could BOTH Fawley AND the ex-girlfriend be involved in the disappearance of Taylor Beal?


[Per Dan's update(below), Members of the police Taylor Behl task force continue to search for evidence in Mathews County in an area where a body was found Wednesday. Behl's mother says the body is "most likely my baby."]

When I read those words, "most likely my baby," I have to admit having to take pause, and choking up, say to myself that no parent should have to suffer such horror. I can only pray that God give her strength to endure the horrific pain she must now endure.

Update: Dan has posted that identification has been made through dental records, and that charges are anticipated (within hours).

It could so easily be any of our daughters, sent off to college, begining life as an adult but still our child, our baby, taken away from us at the most unexpected of moments, now gone, leaving us only with the memory of her all too brief life that we shared together.

We all need to remember just how precious our moments with our children are, and that there are monsters out there who have no hesitation about taking their precious lives.

Posted by Richard at October 6, 2005 12:11 PM

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