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October 27, 2005

Suspected cell Al Qaeda leader killed in air raid

Topics: Islam And The War On Terror

A suspected cell leader was killed during a raid on a house in Mosul on Saturday, while a second al Qaeda member, identified as Abu Du'a, was believed to have died in an air strike near Qaim in western Iraq on Wednesday.

"Intelligence sources indicate that Abu Du'a, who helped Syrians and Saudis enter Iraq to intimidate and kill Iraqi citizens, was in the house at the time of the strike," the military said in a statement in Baghdad.

His body had not been recovered, but the air strike effectively destroyed the building, it added.

The U.S. military identified the cell leader killed in Mosul as Nashwan Mijhim Muslet and said his chief of security, Nahi Achmed Obeid Sultan, or Abu Hassan, also died in the raid by U.S.-led forces.

If this story is correct then one of the most vicious of the Islamofacists has been killed and "partial" justice for the beheadings of innocent men and women has been accomplished.

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