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October 10, 2005

Some Further thoughts on the Impact of the Earthquake in Pakistan

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The Counterterrorism Blog: What Impacts Will South Asia Earthquake Have on War on Terrorism? (UPDATE 10/10)

Andrew on the Counterterrorism blog has some interesting information regarding the number of casualties in the earthquake.

Perhaps I am not all that far off the mark to question whether this is an act of Divine retribution. Amongst the dead are Islamofacists who have been training to become involved in more terror around the world.

The London Telegraph has reported that 15 militant training camps have been put out of action as a result of the earthquake.

It has to be a sign that Allah is not pleased with those who commit wholesale murder amongst the innocent of the world. One must not forget that the schoolgirls who have died were likewise innocent victims of the earthquake. I have more to report about the young girls of this region and the terror that they personally face because of the manner in which the Shia discriminates against them.

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