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October 6, 2005

Since When Is A Suitcase Bomb Considered ART?

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A controversial art exhibition in Manhattan has people asking: Can a weapon be art?

suitcase bomb.jpg

Just where is our secular society going with artistic expression, and when does artistic freedom cross the line from art to the tactless, offensive, mindless, and dangerous? Although the exhibit's point is supposedly for the purpose of -- not providing answers but to encourage visitors to decide what is offensive and what is art, I find that to be a very poor excuse for a lack of real talent and providing unnecessary encouragement to the sick Islamic sympathizers and copycats of the world, such as it appears we already may have in the case of the Sooner bomber.

"A Knock at the Door" features stamps depicting a gun to President Bush's head, a straightjacket made from an American flag and what appears to be a suitcase bomb ( search). The artists have received mixed reviews from both the art police and the real police -- a few have been questioned, detained and even charged with crimes related to their work.

Even those who support the exhibit have questions about some of its displays.

Lost In Lima Ohio offers:
Yes, that does appear to be a bomb, and yes it does appear to be a bomb in a suitcase.

And I'll be honest- before 9-11 I didn't give much attention to the fact that somewhere in NY where a couple of tall towers. I have to admit that I had never seen them in person- and even during the glimpses of them I caught while watching Law and Order- I failed to appreciate their beauty. But since then, like most of us, I have noticed the shadow that is cast over all America reminding us that something treasured is now gone. I feel cheated that although I never made the choice to go see them before, that I no longer have that choice. That on 9-11 something was stolen from us all. And honestly- I get rather p----d when some half baked nut job feels it is their "artist(ic)" right to use profoundly tragic events to get a leg up in the art world.

I don't mind being the one to say "enough already," that it's time our society take a step back and assume responsibility for the mess we've allowed to develop right here during our own lifetime. There IS such a thing as RESPONSIBILITY and MORAL VALUES, and instigating terror or treating it as anything other than sick, mindless, murder is not being responsible. And it is most certainly, NOT being artistic to act in such a manner! Artistic expression is no license for advocating or laughing at MURDER!

If an "artist" is so disconnected from reality and so lacking in a moral compass so as to have a need to use a mock suitcase bomb to gain input as to what is and what isn't art, than that artist needs far more than input from attendees at an art exhibit - the "artist" needs therapy and spiritual counseling from a church or synogogue of his/her choice.

I specifically exclude a mosque among my suggestions, since that is where the sadly already mislead "artist" is likely to become even more misquided!

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Posted by Richard at October 6, 2005 1:03 PM

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