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October 18, 2005

Right Nation On The Upcoming Italian Elections

Topics: International News

Andrea, from the Italian blog - The Right Nation wishes to share with us and our readers his post on the all-important upcoming Italian elections(in italian and english).

Andrea writes that in the next six months, Italy will face a long and harsh electoral campaign for the 2006 general elections. The center-right pro-American coalition will have a difficult task in trying to stop the anti-American leftist coalition leaded by the former communist party. The Right Nation wants to make their American friends aware of the crucial importance of these elections, and about the necessity to keep in charge a government which (with all its faults) has been a loyal ally of United States in the War on Terror. In the next days, in particular for American readers, The Right Nation will prepare a series of short profiles - both in Italian and English - to explain Italian politics (people, parties, electoral system) to those who never followed it accurately, both on his and on the American side of the Atlantic. As usual, you won't get a neutral point of view. The Right Nation supports initiatives such as Blogs for CdL and Rete delle libertà, which openly side with the center-right coalition. He hopes that the readers of Freedom Zone, Hyscience and other blogs will appreciate Right Nation's efforts and provide them feedback necessary to improve their work.

Freedom's Zone and Hyscience bloggers will be following the Italian elections and Andrea's posts. Andrea and the other Center-Right bloggers will need all the that we can all muster together.

Andrea is a co-founder of Freedom's Zone, along with Hyscience and ProLifeBlogs.

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Posted by Richard at October 18, 2005 3:14 PM

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