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October 26, 2005

Report - Iran sheltering Bin Laden sons and Al-Qaeda members

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Iran is definately in the news today. It seems that like it or not, just like the H5N1 virus, war with Iran may be coming and we may have no alternative but to deal with it - after all, it's been coming for since Iran declared war on the US back in 2004. Schirra, writing in the German magazine "Cicero," is reporting that Iran is providing refuge to around 25 leading members of the Al-Qaeda terror group including three of Osama bin Laden's sons.

Mohammed and Othman bin Laden as well as other Al-Qaeda members from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, north Africa and Europe were living in and around Tehran under the protection of Iran's Republican Guard.

The magazine quoted a "top-ranking Western secret service agent" as saying the Al-Qaeda members were free to move around.

"They are not under arrest or house arrest," the unnamed source told the respected monthly Cicero. "They can do what they like."

Saad bin Laden, who is around 25, is thought to have played a key financial and logistical role in several Al-Qaeda attacks and is on a US most-wanted list.

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Posted by Richard at October 26, 2005 7:54 PM

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