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October 9, 2005

Persecuted Chinese Christian Needs Your Help

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tong.jpgThe Communist government in China is continuing its campaign of brutality, torture and persecution of Christians. China Aid has reported the events surrounding the beating, hospitalization and intimidation of Tong Qimiao and asks for individuals from around the world to help him and his family.

On the morning on September 28, Mr. Tong, a 45-year old Christian businessman from Zhejiang Province, was questioned by security agents in Kashgar. Unfortunately, he was unable to provide the information they were seeking and was brutally beaten.

The government agents "symbolically" sent him to a nearby hospital to be X-rayed, and then dropped him off on a sidewalk, urging him to go home.

Tong was unable to walk and, after calling is wife Wang Miaofen, was checked into Second People's Hospital of Kashgar where a CT scan revealed a broken chest bone.

While being treated, Tong was threatened by the state security agents (Oct. 1). The agents showed Mr. Tong a news release published by China Aid Association on his case, and forced him to write a statement that he was never beaten during interrogation.

The officials of the Bureau of Industry and Commerce also paid Tong a visit in the emergency room, threatening him that his license would be revoked unless he cooperated with the state security agents.

tong_document.jpgAccording to CAA, Tong and his family attempted to file a lawsuit against the agents and have now been asked to leave the hospital despite his medical condition. (see Mr. Tong's CT document - in Chinese)

In the morning of October 8, 2005, Mr. Tong aided by his wife went to both the office of the State Security and Public Security of Kashgar asking them to investigate the abuse of power and torture by his interrogators on September 28 for his house church activities. According to reliable reports, the State Security Bureau drove out the couple by even denying the very fact that Mr. Tong was arrested by them and the PSB refused to investigate the case.

Moreover, just hours after Mr. Tong returned to the hospital ER, the hospital, under intensive pressure from both security agents demanded Mr. Tong to leave for home.

"We urge people of conscience to ask the hospital (phone number 011-86-998-2528544) to continue Mr. Tong's medical treatment by not bowing to the pressure from the security agent," says Bob Fu, President of China Aid Association, "the Xinjiang higher authority certainly needs to hold the torturers accountable if it is serious on its commitment of the rule of law."


I have been in contact with the hospital but have had difficulty communicating with the staff. I would urge anyone who speaks Chinese to call immediately - you can do so cheaply using the service provided by


Persecution in China and Tibet

Hospital Pressured to Force Wounded Xinjiang Christian Businessman Out; Chinese PSB Refused to Investigate Agents Brutality

Hospitalized Christian Businessman Threatened by the State Security Agents

Christian Businessman in Xinjiang Tortured and Hospitalized (Photo: Mr. Tong at Hospital ER )

Christian Businessman in Xinjiang Tortured and Hospitalized

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Posted by tim at October 9, 2005 12:57 AM

We ought to come up with one or more very applicable email addresses of Chinese officials in the government and in the hospital, then flood them with emails in protest of their treatment of Mr. Tong.

Posted by: Richard at October 9, 2005 1:44 AM

I've emailed China Aid requesting more information including contact info. I'll post it early on Sunday.

Posted by: tim at October 9, 2005 2:00 AM

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