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October 17, 2005

PA - Hamas admits responsibility for March blast: Aljazeera Ignores The Admission

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives
Tensions between the PA and Hamas continue amid claims that Hamas has compensated families of those affected by the parade Qassam blasts killing 21 people last month.
Only a week ago I was having a conversation at a nearby Starbucks with a Muslim friend from Morocco (yes, I do have Muslim friends), and this very explosion came up. He was absolutely certain, with no doubt whatsoever, that the Israelis had caused this blast and blamed it on Hamas. Now we are hearing from Hamas that, golly gee, it was them!
Hamas has admitted that it was responsible for the explosion during last month's Hamas parade, which claimed the lives of 21 people, and injuring a hundred more, according the Palestinian Authority's Interior Ministry.

The Ministry said that a compensation package had been offered by Hamas to the families of those affected, but Hamas has not confirmed the reports.

A military march held by Hamas to celebrate Israel's withdrawal from the Strip was interrupted when a number of Qassam rockets carried on trucks exploded, killing 21 people. Immediately after the explosion, Hamas blamed Israel, and senior Hamas members claimed they saw a missile fired from an Israeli aircraft at the parade. They also said that the missiles in the parade did not contain explosives.

My friend is an intelligent, well traveled, businessman that, like many Muslims, buys the propaganda put out by the Arab media, and particularly that of Aljazeera. He's a good friend and I enjoy our discussions, but I doubt that even this admission by Hamas will be believed by him. It will somehow be a fabrication of the non-Arab press. Yes, "Al-Jazeera and the Arab Media are Propaganda Spewing Machines."

Check out Aljazeera yourself:
"U.S. admits Iran's nuclear right"
Deadly U.S. air strikes kill 39 Iraqi civilians
The U.S. starves Iraqi civilians
Does Al Qaeda exist?
"Bush said God told him to invade Iraq, Afghanistan"

Posted by Richard at October 17, 2005 9:57 PM

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