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October 17, 2005

Tyrants Against Bush

Topics: Moonbats, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe will make a good spokesman for the dying breed of international tyrants who oppose the policies of the Bush administration. Mugabe's qualifications for the post include destroying Zimbabwe's economy, starving his country's citizens while declining international aid, eliminating freedom of the press, persecuting Christians, manipulating elections, imprisoning political opponents, evicting 700,000 of his nation's most vulnerable people from their meager shelters (a clean-up the slums program) and general acts of indiscriminate tyranny.

In taking up the position left vacant by Saddam Hussein's timely demise, the duly elected dictator today denounced U.S. President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair as "unholy men" at a UN event, comparing them to fascist leaders trying to dominate the world:

Speaking at 60th anniversary celebrations of the United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), Mugabe said the United States and Britain had illegally invaded Iraq and were looking to change governments in other countries.

"Must we allow these men, the two unholy men of our millennium, who in the same way as Hitler and Mussolini formed (an) unholy alliance, formed an alliance to attack an innocent country?" Mugabe told the conference.

"The voice of Mr Bush and the voice of Mr Blair can't decide who shall rule in Zimbabwe, who shall rule in Africa, who shall rule in Asia, who shall rule in Venezuela, who shall rule in Iran, who shall rule in Iraq," he said.


Following the example of tyrants before him, Mugabe dutifully blamed Bush and Blair for his country's economic woes.

"It's just not fair," Mugabe was heard mumbling, "How can a tyranny prosper when good men are doing something."

Posted by tim at October 17, 2005 12:50 PM

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