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October 27, 2005

Miers Controversy is Over

Topics: Supreme Court

capt.whre10910262019.miers__whre109.jpegHarriet Miers withdrew her nomination to be a Supreme Court justice Thursday in the face of stiff opposition and mounting criticism about her qualifications. - ap

Note the reason below:

Bush said he reluctantly accepted her decision to withdraw, after weeks of insisting that he did not want her to step down. He blamed her withdrawal on calls in the Senate for the release of internal White House documents that the administration has insisted were protected by executive privilege.

"It is clear that senators would not be satisfied until they gained access to internal documents concerning advice provided during her tenure at the White House -- disclosures that would undermine a president's ability to receive candid counsel," Bush said. "Harriet Miers' decision demonstrates her deep respect for this essential aspect of the constitutional separation of powers -- and confirms my deep respect and admiration for her."

Bench Memos has posted her letter to President Bush requesting to be withdrawn.

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Posted by tim at October 27, 2005 10:29 AM

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