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October 31, 2005

Makybe Diva makes racing history in Melbourne

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Everyone who knows the quirkiness of Australians knows that everyone stops for one horse race that is held on the first Tuesday in November every year. The greatest horse of all time had been Phar Lap and before Phar Lap it was Archer. Then in the 1970s there was the great horse Think Big (ooh I regret having such a hot tip and not knowing how to place a TAB bet). Today, however, horse racing history has been made. Makybe Diva has won her third Melbourne Cup in a row. She is now the greatest horse in Australian racing history and is up there with Phar Lap, Think Big and Archer.

Since I am not a gambler, and I have never placed a bet on the races I have lost nothing and won nothing from this race. It is hard to believe that this mare, who had a handicap of 58 kgs has run the race of her life, and I must admit that Glen Boss did it intelligently, and she is now the greatest horse in Australian history.

Makybe Diva is a favourite of the Melbourne crowd. She was also the winner of the Caulfield Cup this year and so she has carried off an ever greater feat than one can imagine. Her trainer is Lee Friedman. He is obviously a man who knows how to train his race horses so that they do not end up dead. Sadly this year another great racehorse was destroyed after he fell and broke his leg in the Caulfield Cup.

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