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October 29, 2005

Koffi Anan rebukes Iran

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BBC NEWS | Middle East | Annan 'dismayed' by Iran remarks

It has been reported that it is extremely rare for Koffi Anan to rebuke a member state. However, this time the Iranian leader, in calling for the wiping of Israel off the map has gone too far.

A number of European leaders have now expressed their abhorrence at the remarks and they continue to question the idea of Iran having the technology to develop nuclear weapons. Russia continues to supply the know how to Iran.

In the meantime Israel has called for the expulsion of Iran from the UN. What will this achieve, if anything? Iran, like many of these Middle Eastern countries remains a rogue state and needs to be pulled into line. However, in a country where religion and politics have remained together there remains an impossible situation for the world. The present leader of Iran is a fanatical cleric in the same mould as Ayatollah Khoemeini. This man is a follower of Khomeini and he intends to implement Khomeni's ideas.

The west has forgotten the dangers that were posed by the Ayatollah Khomeini when he seixed power in Iran and placed that country under the rule of Shia. One of the aims remains the destruction of Israel. It is an aim that is shared by several other nations. So far these nations have failed to form an alliance in order to carry out their threats against Israel, preferring instead to foment trouble by using the local population of the occupied Gaza strip to cause havoc, and for suicide bombers to kill as many Israelis as they can through their actions.

The west needs to take a closer look at who is paying for these actions. It needs to question why the general population of some of these Middle Eastern countries are so poor whilst their leaders spend copious amounts of money on the stockpiling of weapons. Are we really living up to the challenge of being introspective and seeking justice for all? So long as groups such as ACLU align themselves with CAIR so that they can push their own agenda, we will not get appropriate answers to these questions. The ACLU wants to see the end of Christianity and CAIR has as its goal the Islmaization of the USA.

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