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October 6, 2005

It's Official - Michelle Wei Is Pro

Topics: National News
[Michelle Wie enters a press conference this morning to announce that she is going pro.(Richard Ambo- The Honolulu Advertiser)]

As we've all seen by now on cable news, it's official: Michelle Wie is pro - The Honolulu Advertiser, Hawaii's Newspaper!

Michelle is the 16-year-old, six-foot-tall, golf phenomenon from Hawaii. She attends one of Hawaii's premier private schools: Punahou. Her goal is to play on the men's Pro tour ... regularly. Currently, she drives the golf ball farther than most men on the pro tour.

This is someone to watch!

World watches Wie begin 'new journey'

To other kids, Wie's a shining example

Posted for Harry Owens (in Hawaii)

Posted by Richard at October 6, 2005 9:35 AM

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