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October 31, 2005

Iran bringing 'many divers, sophisticated technology' to Gulf of Mexico

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Laura Mansfield writes at "The Peoples Truth Forum":

Earlier this year, a top Iranian General made the following boast: "Iran is the biggest military power in the region (with) 10 million volunteers for martyrdom operations ... to turn Iran into a terrible nightmare for the United States," General Mohammad Bagher Zolghadr, deputy commander of Iran's hardline Revolutionary Guards, told the Kayhan newspaper.

This summer, the BBC reported an ad in an Iranian publication has calling for volunteers for "martyrdom operations" against the enemies of Islam. The ad was published by an institute managed by one of Iran's most conservative and radical clerics, Ayatollah Masbah Yazdi, who has declared his support for Iran's new President, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad. It recruits men and women to enlist with the "Martyrdom Lovers' Headquarters".

So I find it more than a little ironic that the same country that is actively recruiting volunteers to conduct suicide missions against United States and US interests, and is openly bragging about it, has now been granted a base of operations in the Gulf of Mexico, within easy striking distance of America's Gulf Coast (emphasis added).

The Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company is expected to begin shortly a major $90 million dollar project laying pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico. The company says it will be laying 36-inch pipes 60-70 meters under water.

The company expects to be handing the rest of the $400 million dollar project as well.

According to a press release on IRNA, "The Gulf of Mexico project will help the Iranian company gain valuable experiences given the large presence of European and American companies in the area."

The press release also states that the "project will need many divers and sophisticated technology."

Is anyone in our government paying attention here? (emphasis added)

A country which has made one threat after another against the US for over two and a half decades, is now being provided in essence a base of operations in the Gulf of Mexico, within striking distance of much of the US oil supply.

They will have carte blanche to bring in divers, submersibles, and highly sophisticated technical equipment. Since they will be in essence subcontractors for the Mexican oil industry, they will most likely be able to circumvent export controls for many types of hardware and software that would not normally be eligible for export to Iran.

Hello? Is anyone listening?

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Posted by Richard at October 31, 2005 12:06 AM

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