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October 31, 2005

Indonesian hypocrisy - Bashir set to get another remission of his lenient sentence

Topics: Islam And The War On Terror

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Bali cleric sentence 'to be cut'

As an Australian, this news from the BBC makes me feel very angry. Once again we see the Indonesian government paying lip service to the war on terror. The spiritual leader of Jemaah Islamiyah is set to get another remission of his already lenient sentence.

The Yemeni cleric lives in Indonesia and he has been spreading the message of hate that comes from the Islamofacists. His followers have been responsible for a number of terror activities including the Bali bombing, the bombing of the Australian embassy, as well as the bombing of the Marriott Hotel. In the first Bali bombing more than 80 Australians lost their lives, including the members of the Dolphins football club from Sydney. All of the people who died were ordinary holiday-makers who were family people. They were not involved in drug taking or other activity. The remainder of those who died were Balinese and other foreigners. The lives of the Balinese were almost shattered as the bomb blast threatened the econommic well-being of the island of Bali.

It must be remembered that the Balinese are the enemy of the jihadists because they are Hindu and Buddhist in their beliefs. That means that they are kafur and thus they are targets of the hatred that is engendered by Islamofacism. More Australians and Indonesians were killed when the Australian embassy was bombed, and one little girl lost her mother, leaving her a near orphan. Today this child is cared for by two men who have claimed her to be their daughter (one of these men is the natural father and the other is the named father of the child). She is recovering from her injuries and she is very much loved by her fathers. Nevertheless she is without the love of her mother, who was killed in the bomb blast (yet another innocent victim).

There has been no further progress in capturing those responsible for the latest bombing in Bali, that claimed several more Australian lives including several from the town of Newcastle (and associated with the Catholic St. Francis Xavier (Marist) High School - my husband's alma mater). Several young lives have been severely affected as a result of this act of terror, and they still had to face the Higher School Certificate Examinations here in NSW. The question is: Do the Indonesians really want to catch the culprits?

A further remission of the sentence being served by Bashir is a slap in the face to Australia. It is a sign that once again Indonesia is hypocritical in its approach to the fight against terror.

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