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October 31, 2005

India and Pakistan - Can they work together?

Topics: International News

India says that those responsible for the bombs in Delhi came from Pakistan - the Kashmir. However, Pakistan denies that this is true, and is offering assistance to find the perpetrators.

The earthquake and this bombing have provided an opportunity for the Indian and Pakistan governments to find fruitful ways of working together to establish justice in the Asian region.

If the group who has claimed responsibility is telling the truth, then they have acted to let the government know that they are still a force. They have also acted in an attempt to stop the peace process. Sound familiar? Hamas adopted the same approach to prevent the peace process in Israel moving ahead.

The question is: Can the Indian and Pakistani governments work together in order to defeat the dark and evil forces of terrorism who have dared to cause harm to innocent people in Delhi and elsewhere, as well as further jeopardizing the well being of the victims of the earthquake?

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