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October 5, 2005

Has Taylor Beal Been Found? (Late Update)

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Satellite.jpegDan Riehl has an UNCONFIRMED initial report that the body has been identified as Taylor Behl.

Also, Dan's heard that Channel 7 in Virginia has reported that the farm was found by showing a picture found at Ben Fawley's to another individual(not yet independently confirmed).

News story here with latest update.

An ex-girlfriend of a man interviewed in connection with the disappearance of Taylor Marie Behl led investigators today to a Mathews County farm where police discovered the badly decomposed remains of an unidentified person, law enforcement sources told The Times-Dispatch.

Richmond Police Chief Rodney Monroe said it could be several days before the remains - found in a wooded area off a dirt road behind a barn on private land - are positively identified.

But the chief said investigators had been searching various locations over the last week, and had developed information "that led us to believe Taylor has been in this area," roughly 70 miles east of Richmond.

You will find a slide show of images with the article. (Hat tip - Riehl World View reader)

Late Update: HarryTho emails in that Nancy Grace is breaking some news that the remains of Taylor Behl may have been found in some abandoned barn some 30 miles from Richmond, VA. Again, we're still dealing with the words "may have been found."

You'll find a summary of events related to Taylor's disappearance - here.

Posted by Richard at October 5, 2005 10:15 PM

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