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October 13, 2005

HarryTho's 10/13 Natalee Holloway Update And Commentary

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Tonight, let's hit a couple of relative news items, and move on to more or less where we left off yesterday, adding some semi-related trivia combined with more relative misc. items.

For those of you interested in chat, Dan at Riehl World View points to Ian's Blogs For Natalee chat at The Political Teen. As Dan notes, Ian offers an interesting and relavant chat experience, though some may disagree, as reflected by a commentor at Dan's post, whose input needs to be taken with a grain of salt since the poor fellow has been banned from Ian's site and may harbor ill feelings over his isolation.

On an item that I also cover here, Dan Riehl posts his input on Greta Van Sustern's interview with Beth Twitty and her aruban attorney, Helen Lejeux, this evening. Dan writes that Beth stated that she would be returning to Aruba shortly, though no date was given.

Helen Lejeux stated the prosecutors office is telling her that they are continuing the investigation and working hard. That includes reviewing all documents and basically looking at everything new under conditions of less pressure as there isn't currently the level of press attention as before.

When questioned as to her thoughts if the investigation needed more time, Beth responded typically, saying she didn't know, but couldn't understand why the three boys haven't been arrested as a result of Deepak's confession and Joran's statements.

I agreed. However, it is important that I also state for the record that I absolutely believe that while those statements of Joran's may have been of a sexual nature, never was I given any indication, or reason to believe that they suggested any illegal activity. In fact, the statement have been termed "unbelievable" to me precisely because they were alleged to address some form of consensual sex.

In additional conversations with another individual in a position to know, I was also told that Joran claimed, in effect, that Natalee wanted to partake in whatever sexual activity might have been said to have taken place with Joran.

Also at Dan's site, you'll want to read his Natalee Holloway: Troubling Details. Dan has been given some information which suggests Natalee Holloway actually had her cell phone with her the night she was at Carlos and Charlies. Yet, Beth Twitty is said to have found her cell phone in her room. Dan presumes the chaperone returned it there, and believes it to be "a bit strange, perhaps - but likely not significant." But he says that what is significant is that she had her phone with her that night and some investigators are said to now believe she actually returned to her room that night after having been at Carlos and Charlies.

After reading Dan's post, I recall that he had another story concerning his own investigation that stated that Natalee left C& C with Deepak Kalpoe. This rendition appears to refer just to a statement by the three suspects that they were with Natalee that evening after C&C. No one has been able to disprove that the suspects were not with Natalee that evening. To me, that is a real possibility. The boys could be a decoy for some other activity. Remember, despite the boys' statements, no one has been able to prove that they were with Natalee. That fact seems stranger than than anythig else abouut this case.

Also, Jug Twitty claimed on a televised interview to have been asked by Joran to leave the discussion, before Joran discussed anything intimate about his time with Natalee with the police. Jug failed to mention any altercation whatsoever. As to the discussion about Natalee, Jug commented that they spoke in their language: Dutch or the Creole of Aruba. Many have commented on how Beth could propound the way she has, knowing that the discussion that night was in Dutch or Creole. I pray the Americans who swore these affidavits know how much trouble they could get into!

Next, let's move on to my own take on Greta's interview with Beth Twitty and Helen Lejuez, Twitty's lawyer, that I refered to above pointing to Dan's take on the show.

As Dan pointed out, Beth will return to Aruba next week and try to meet with the prosecutor. She seemed comfortable with a fresh set of eyes reviewing the case, but she continued with her comments about sexual assault and falsified statements. Now, however, Beth rescinded prior statements that she heard Joran's statements about sexual assault, and now reveals that she heard the statements second hand. She went on to confirm that she remained in the car during the entire conversation; however, she said that she had three Americans with her who heard Joran's statements.

Helen Lejuez discussed the progress of the case and the new interviews, and claimed that the case is progressing.

The Skeeter tapes have yet to arrive in Aruba. Hellen said she spoke with the prosecutor and got the word that there remains insufficient evidence to prosecute the three suspects. Helen reports that she has received the three affidavits from the Americans who overheard Joran's statements on the night in question, and couriered the affidavits to the prosecutor for evaluation. (I thought the conversation was in Dutch or the local Creole.)

Greta followed by probing the idea of declaring Natalee dead and bringing civil action against the three suspects. Helen said she got an opinion on that idea from the prosecutor. The prosecutor stated that the time line for such a declaration is 5 years in Aruba. After 5 years, proof is still required to show fault on the part of the suspects to have any success in the civil courts. At the present time, there is no proof of fault by the suspects.

Then Greta expressed that the case was not progressing at all, and the recent comments by Police Chief Dompig were avoided during the entire interview.

Diverting from news and directly related commentary, let's drift a bit to some interesting trivia, possibly related to Natalee's disappearance, and surely related to Natalee's family.

First, on the matter of our look into AmSouth Bank and it's problems - which helps to build upon what we've already covered previously and to understand that we are likely dealing with a much more complicated mystery than just a teenage girl's dissappearance on a vacation island:

What I got from research today is that AmSouth Bank gets involved in urban development projects. Essentially, those are charitable projects with a scant bottom -line. In tough real estate times, these projects seem to take a back-seat. From what I am reading is that AmSouth Bank did well in these markets. AmSouth Bank supported some venture capital companies, associated with Rouse and Associates of Philadelphia, PA. Incidentally, Joe Mammana made his fortune in urban development projects, despite his allegiance to the Yardley egg company.

Rouse and Associates, with 130 partners nationwide, were the "gunslingers" of the real estate market. During the down swings of the 1980's, they "...scrambled to raise cash, pay down debt and save the company. With banks, insurance companies and other traditional capital sources either bankrupt or fleeing commercial real estate," they ..." turned to Wall Street, which in the early 1990s was busy reorganizing beaten-down real-estate companies and selling stakes to the public." A some time they converted into a real estate investment trust (REIT) called Liberty Property Trust.

Interestingly, AmSouth Bank, during a similar downturn in the financial industry, went around gobbling up savings & loans and smaller banks.

The question here is: how did AmSouth Bank prosper so well in the time of depressed real estate markets?

If we explore the Nicaragua from Venezuela money laundering as a possible source of these funds, some interesting finds emerge:

"It is suspected that many of these black market traders ship their wares through Venezuela's Margarita Island free trade zone. Reportedly, some money is also laundered through the real estate market in Margarita Island."

Regarding "... stricter customer identification requirements, and the reporting of both currency transactions over a designated threshold and suspicious transactions. These controls apply to all banks (commercial, investment, mortgage, private), savings and loan institutions, financial rental agencies, currency exchange houses, money remitters, money market funds, capitalization companies, and frontier foreign currency dealers ..."

Venezuela confiscates six farms used for drug-trafficking/money-laundering>"... significant narcotics-related money-laundering activity, especially along the border with Colombia and on Margarita Island; active eradication program primarily targeting opium ..."

"The drug smuggling's profit was invested in agricultural and livestock activities, and immovable items"

From these types of activities, we come to none other than
our friend Thomas J. TWITTY:

In the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals case: 94-3563, the Defendant only required an outside source of cash in order to pull off a real estate masterpiece. He failed only because he could not cover his bets. The Defendant displayed guts galore in his antics to cover his notes. If this same Defendant came in with a truck load of cash, then he could pull off similar real estate deals without a hitch and reap broad-ranging profits. Essentially, a man with this kind of courage and the right cash cow to support him would become an investment genius, desired by any national bank with billions of assets.

So we continue to learn what kind of family "connections" we are really dealing with here, and we have a little more to fit in our overall perspective on the case.

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