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October 9, 2005

HarryTho Sunday Night Natalee Holloway Update And Commentery

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There's just a couple of items on Natalee that I'd like to address tonight, starting with last night's post on the introduction of a new player in our mix of characters.

Saturday night, I posted on some interesting comments introduced by The Bushy Haired Stranger's blog about a Mountain Brook student, Bryan Reynolds, which hinted at him being a possible suspect. In my post, I encouraged readers to review the blog's comments on Bryan Reynolds, 18, one of the Mountain Brook students on vacation with Natalee in Aruba.

I feel that it is very discouraging to only now learn about a guy named Bryan Reynolds, here so late in the investigation. Obviously, the FBI let everybody down. The FBI has to be more incompetent than I ever imagined ... and I never put much faith in them originally.

Add to this, the fact that we are now revisiting Jug's two sons again. They should have been top of the list in this investigation, along with Sean McVae, Natalee's old boyfriend. And, what about the real reason for letting Mickey John go free? How could someone like Beth Twitty who runs down everything the Aruban investigators do allow a confirmed blonde-womanizer, placed in the vicinity of Natalee's accommodations, in possession of stolen items form the Alabama teens, like Mickey John, escape scrutiny? Mickey John even expressed, in graphic detail, how Natalee could have been disposed of so completely! How could Beth Twitty allow Mickey John to escape? How could the Council of Cacklers, with their plethora of a concotion of notions about psychology, miss Mickey John and Bryan Reynolds? Lying? This guy Reynolds appears to have lied all along. No one, I mean, no one called attention to it.

I find this to be downright discouraging! To my knowlegde, and I both followed and commented on Dan Riehl's site from almost the onset (maybe I missed a few days), Bryan Reynolds' name never came up, except as one of the 120 or so students who went on the high school trip to Aruba from Montain Brook High School. The only names I recall being mentioned before were Natalee's girlfriends, Sean McVae (her ex-boyfriend), the Twitty brothers, and one other guy who claimed he saw something the night that Natalee disappeared ... Arnold (or something like that).

Dan Riehl might have more detailed information for review in his files(I noticed that Dan is clearing up some old details at his site tonight). While at Dan's site tonight you'll find some interesting comments from his readers (who usually click on over to see us, too - and vice versa)

Moving on to semi-reality TV, meaning anything having to do with the Dr. Phil Show, Scared Monkeys has up - Dompig; "Basic thumb rule says that in the first forty days of your investigation you probably have talked to the Perps." Apparently, Aruban - LE, Dompig, feels that they have already spoken to the perpetrators of those responsible for the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, and voices his confidence in the "forty day rule."

Dompig and the Aruban LE want to verify the tapes from the Dr. Phil Show for authenticities to Deepak Kalpoe's claims that "we all had sex with her". Obviously this contradicts Joran Van der Sloot's comments during his interview with the National Enquirer where he claims he did not. But then again didn't Deepak Kalpoe's mother, Nadira Ramirez, make the following comment, "Come on, we all lie"?
This post essentially discusses Deputy Police Chief Dompig's interview with Fox News reporter.

Dompig relates how the Aruban authorities are trying to obtain the "originals" of the statements aired, allegedly by Deepak Kalope, on the Dr. Phil Show. The Aruban investigators want to insure that those statements were genuine and not an altered version for the purpose of media propaganda. The article reveals that the Dr. Phil Show has requested a live telecast with the Aruban Prosecutor, if they turn over the tapes. The Aruban authorities discount such a proposal.

Clearly, the Aruban government can ask the US State Department to have the FBI to subpoena the tapes from the Dr. Phil Show.

Wrapping it up for tonight, here's one I really like - Aruba Truth speaks out against the American Media, and they have some great lines:

"Nancy Grace is a drama queen. She bounces from the Queen of Overkill to a cheap-shot artist. It has nothing to do with the facts. She is the worst."

Pauly doesn't have much use for Fox News, either. But he considers Greta Van Susteren as the most fair. "That is like saying Curly is the smartest of the Three Stooges," said Pauly

The Aruban police thought the American media were morons because of all the misinformation they were putting on the air," said Pauly. "So they weren't about to cooperate with them."
It is hard to object in any way to the Aruban position concerning the misrepresentation perpetrated by our American media moguls. Quite frankly, it may well be the nonsense inundated into our communication frequencies that has adulterated the perception of this case for the United States. Clearly, this blog has concurred, though not as directly, with the findings of Aruba Truth.

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Posted by Richard at October 9, 2005 10:04 PM

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