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October 19, 2005

HarryTho Natalee Holloway Update And Commentary (Updated)

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As usual, we'll hit the news item, what there is of it, and move on to where we left off in our previous post. (Be sure to catch our update on Michael Posner in the extended post)

Greta of Fox News interviewed Beth Twitty.

Beth went on about some alleged statement made by Joran around June 9, 2005 about a friend whose father owns a boat. The status of the investigation of the friend and the boat are unknown. Frankly, this sounded like another Beth rumor. As the interviewed closed, Beth commented that searches of the water have been taking place. These new water searches seemed to be the bone-detector ones mentioned by Jossy Mansur. A commercial for hemorrhoids might have been more informative.

There was no mention of the Deepak tapes.

Since it's another light news night we can take the opportunity to take up where we left off on the monery laundering issue earlier today.

If we were to assume for a moment that our perception of money laundering follows the patent that we have described in prior posts, then we would have to ask why or how a teenage girl would be of consequence to the parties involved. There are three plausible scenarios: hostage taking, ruse or flight.

In the hostage taking scenario, we have to revisit the mechanisms of money laundering. First, we have to assume that money laundering occurs routinely between the Banco de la Construccion of Venezuela and Aruban banks (Intercon Financial Bank and Interbank). Their interface with American banks (i.e., AmSouth Bank) has to be restricted in some manner; such that, currency flow between Aruba or South America and the United States is hampered by close monitoring. Essentially, the American banks report any suspicious activity to central enforcement and investigative agencies. Currently, these reports are red flagged with suspicious activity reports (SARs). AmSouth Bank just got fined $40 million as a result of lax surveillance of suspicious activities.

The aim of the hostage taking is to fabricate a scheme in which the money launderers befriend influential persons able to effect the level of surveillance of suspicious money transfers in AmSouth Bank. With $50 Billion in assets, AmSouth Bank is an esteemed target for such an invasion. Thomas Jar Twitty, as head of the investments branch at AmSouth Bank is just such a person, and he has a pink slip already for similar surveillance shortcomings.

In this disappearance case, it is important that the befrienders infiltrate their target(s) thoroughly. It is of integral importance that the befrienders become saviors and close guardians of the targeted individuals. Also, I suppose, it may even become obvious that less than cordial entities interface in the eventual return of the abducted person. It has to crystal clear that the target individuals (Twittys) acknowledge an indebtedness to their guardians with the return of their abducted daughter.

In return, the money launderers, camouflaged as international traders, slowly will request assistance with financial transfers that for some reason are hampered by red tape ... let us say in the Aruba-USA transfer. The financial transfer will appear legitimate in terms of letters of credit (LC) stipulations. AmSouth Bank will recognize the immediate windfall of transaction fee profits, as the banks in Canada have (some 4-5% of the transferred amount), and grant the service. Whether AmSouth Bank will know the true identity of the source of funds or not is uncertain; however, the people at AmSouth Bank will appreciate the value of assisting their guardians. After experiencing the abduction of Natalee, it is clear that they will assess the world as an unsafe place in which to venture without the protection of their guardians. After all, clearly, law enforcement, designed to protect them, failed miserably when the daughter was abducted. They can be assured that their guardians will not fail them. Maintaining a good working relationship will assure them of the protection that their government, demanding strict compliance with financial transfer oversight, failed to provide.

In the hostage taking scenario, Natalee Holloway is rescued by agents of the money launderers. Actually, the rescue is a sham, but Natalee Holloway, an inexperienced teenager, will be none the wiser. Secondly, the hostage taking scenario aims to discredit thoroughly American law enforcement overseas.

The second scenario is ruse.

In ruse, Natalee Holloway's abduction is a complete fabrication in which underworld entities, like the kind associated with money laundering, escort Natalee Holloway overseas to some remote local in Venezuela, probably owned or controlled by the Mansur family: Coro, Maracaibo or Puento Fijo. The purpose of the ruse is two fold: First, it is designed to embarrass the ruling party in Aruba in order for the opposition to mount an incompetence campaign and eventually topple the party in power. In this scenario, rather than kill the prime minister (PM), as done with a prior PM (accredited to Jossy Mansur) a more subtle tactic is employed to oust them. Accordingly, it is no accident that Natalee Holloway disappeared on the eve of the Aruban elections in order to provide time to create enough negative publicity to topple the government.

The second goal of the ruse is to create a money wheel from the publicity. In this ruse-scenario, the Twittys are in on the scam and derive the side benefit of the national, if not international, donations. It should be noted that both folds of the ruse-scenario imply that the Twittys are in on the sham. Furthermore, it implies that money laundering already thrives between the AmSouth bank, Aruba's banks and the Banc de la Construccion in Venezuela. The purpose of the ruse is to oust the ruling party in Aruba in order to facilitate a more open, unrestricted flow of contraband and money laundering between the USA and Venezuela. For this to happen, Mansur's political allies must control the government in Aruba, as they did when Aruba was known as Mafia Island.

The last scenario is flight.

In this scenario, Natalee Holloway is enticed into flight to Venezuela. The reason may be simple adventurism. However, I suspect that comments like "Hitler's sister's daughter" may not be fabrications. We have observed Beth Twitty's assertiveness and sporadic outbursts in the media. If we were to scale down such behavior into a family setting, the very qualities that are admired by her supporters and close associates may well be the ones that drove Natalee into adventurism. Now, Natalee Holloway would not adventure into Venezuela without telling her close friends. The silence from the Mountain Brook teens seems to suggest that at least one of them has knowledge that Natalee opted for such a course. Also, there must have been some form of enticement. Perhaps, some wealthy (purportedly wealthy) gentleman (a money launderer) that she met at the Excelsior Casino may been the prime motivator. An offer of luxurious living on his plantation in Venezuela may have been too much of a carrot to overlook. From here, we can surmise that if the wealthy gentleman was authentic, then Natalee is enjoying her stay in Venezuela. If the wealthy gentleman is a fraud, then Natalee has joined the millions of young girls in the international sex trade.

Moving on to our next topic - Michael Posner is finally discovered as a gangster in Aruba!!!!

What is going on down there? Could we have been the ones to unearth this gangster's connections and profile?

Update: Michael Posner was the underboss (sutto capo) for the infamous Good Ship Lollipop of the Chicago mob. He was jailed for 8-10 years for racketeering and paroled for 5 years. Somehow he managed to purchase the Excelsior Casino in the 1990s. As recently as May 2005, a number of his Chicago associates from Murder Mansion have been indicted by a federal grand jury for some 18 murders, racketeering, extortion, bribery and conspiracy to defraud the United States of America. In short, Posner is a real bad guy.

Lorenzo van Rijn seems to collect a lot of trash talk, but, for the most part, he seems to be a friend of at least one of the suspects. There are rumors that they met Natalee Holloway at the Excelsior Casino, but then, so did a lot of people. The only troubling information that I heard about Lorenzo is that he changes his name in Holland to van Wehl or Wiess (sp?). Currently, Lorenzo resides in Holland. On the night of Natalee's disappearance, he has an alibi. Despite all the unsubstatiated trash talk, he seems to be a fun-loving, adventuresome and semi-wealthy guy that Natalee might have enjoyed. Beyond that, Lorenzo is hard to pin down.

Another colorful fellow is the owner of C&C, Albeto Levy. Levy seems to have been forgotten in this investigation. Natalee spent her last night in his establishment. With all the allegations of spiked drinks, I would have thought that he would have at least weathered some of the storm. He went untouched. Interestingly, it is reported that he has a relation, Rafael Levy, associated with international porn industry that includes "snuff" films.

There's a rough crowd down there in Aruba, not exactly where I'd send my high school graduate/daughter!!!!

2surinamepp.jpegAnd the Kalpoe's lawyer has confirmed that the Public Ministry has returned the passports to Satish and Deepak Kalpoe along with all items confiscated during the search of their house.

One of the belongings in question was the passport of the youngsters Deepak, as well as Satish Kalpoe. Their lawyer confirmed this to DIARIO.

This means that the Kalpoe brothers have their legal documents back to travel. It is doubtful that they can do this, since the judge clearly indicated that they cannot leave Aruba.

In the meantime, Tuesday afternoon a person insisted that they saw Joran van der Sloot back in Aruba. Some people saw Joran with his mother in a fast food restaurant.

Late Updates:

Rolf Salomon Levy Berger, also known as Rafael Leyva or Rafael Levy, founded the bogus International Adoption Resources Foundation in Costa Rica to trade in children. This same agency has offices in Boca Raton, Florida, where Levy is the "international coordinator". Levy, who resides in Miami Beach, Florida, also faces a Colombian arrest warrant for illegal actions between the year 2000 and 2002. In the INTERPOL report, he also is accused of the theft of babies. Many of these kidnapped children are perhaps later reared in secret locations in Florida to be utilized in profitable "sex businesses" such as for the web sites that are run by WEBE WEB Corporation.

One of the most horrific reports from Mr. Bruce Harris was that of "snuff videos" of Costa Rican children in the possession of yet another Jew from Florida. On June 14th, 2003, Mr. Harris reported that an American Jew by the name of David Sussman, age 42, had been arrested after landing in Chile on a flight from Costa Rica. According to the sex crimes division of the Chilean police, one of the tapes was a "snuff" video containing sadistic acts on children.

Another questioner about a connection between C&C and Posner:

The Bastardly » The Bastardly Archives » What Really Happened To Natalee Holloway?

Carlos & Charlie's website at was quickly pulled down, cleaned-up, and completely re-done immediately after the Natalee Holloway "disappearance" case became an intensive and thorough investigation and attracted international interest.

Some of the people at Carlos & Charlie's are reportedly involved with "recruiting" girls for wild sex parties, involving known well-connected and wealthy "mobsters." One of those "mobsters" and his associates reportedly own hotels on Aruba, Curacao, elsewhere in the Caribbean and in other areas. There are rumors of wild orgies and taping of porn films, including "snuff" films, in a special room at the Holiday Inn on Aruba, as well at other locations.

Was one of the Holiday Inn rooms stripped of its carpet and re-done the day Natalee Holloway "disappeared?" If so, why? Could the bloody mattress that was found at the dump have come from that room? If so, why was there blood on it, whose, and why didn't the Aruba Polis have a sample of that blood analyzed?

Where is the manager of the Holiday Inn that reportedly "vanished"...and, if true, why has he apparently left Aruba?

We know the General Manager of the Marriott Hotel has reportedly just been "promoted" to a position in Mexico City, Mexico. Is the timing just coincidental to the "disappearance" of Natalee, or is there some other reason he's gone from Aruba?

HarryTho On The Natalee Holloway Case: Was Michael Posner in the mob?

HarryTho Commentary To Last Night's Natalee Holloway Update (Updated)

And others!!!

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