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October 5, 2005

HarryTho Natalee Holloway Update And Commentary

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Not a lot going in the news department, but here's a couple of quick items:

Greta of Fox News interviewed Beth Twitty. Beth reiterated the taping of Deepak Kalpoe in which, Beth claims, Deepak showed no concern for any charges being filed against him. Beth confirmed that the taped conversation was not polygraphed. Beth reported that she has heard no new news in the investigation. Beth stated that when she returns to Aruba she demands to be escorted by an official of the Aruban government.

Beth met with Alabama Governor Bob Riley. Beth states that the Dutch law and government failed Natalee. She says she had been respectful long enough of the Dutch government; however, now it is time to get some help to get this case resolved. She leaves the idea of going to Holland open.

Beth claims the smoking gun was 10 June 2005 in which the FBI told Beth that Natalee could not be alive.

Nancy Grace airs the Deepak Kalpoe tape. Jimmy Skeeter, partner of Harold Copus (former FBI agent) reports that he polygraphed the landfill witness, after he heard the landfill witness had passed a voice-stress polygraph performed by one of the private investigators. Not only did the landfill witness fail the polygraph, the landfill witness admitted to lying for the purpose of collecting the reward and putting the suspects and the prosecutor in jail for burying the body. Jimmy Skeeter reveals this information to Deepak and provides Deepak's attorney a copy of the polygraph and the admission. Jimmy claims that Deepak met with him in his hotel room where he taped Deepak's conversation.

Now, the highlights of the conversation were played often by the cable news channel which, by the way, are admired by Jimmy Skeeter. Jimmy is a polygraph expert. What seldom gets highlighted in Deepak's conversation is the denial that he or any of the other suspects killed Natalee. From the words used by Deepak, it is clear that any notion of drugging of Natalee in order to have sex with her should be discarded. Deepak knows little of the drugging business. Essentially, what Jimmy Skeeter uncovered was that drugging in Aruba is the not popular scam that it has been made out to be by the media.

In appreciating statements of alleged guilt, we must remember it is disingenuous to pick and choose those portions of a conversation that support our contentions. Though Deepak admits to having sex with Natalee, he denies drugging or killing her. Given his urge for justice to proceed swiftly, that is not an indication of arrogance as many "experts" promote. Quite the contrary, it exhibits self-confidence in innocence.

Leaving news, as is our custom, offering interchanges between myself and readers opens the door for further discussions. So here's tonight's exchange:

Earlier today, a reader that sees Natalee's disappearance as being within the context of possibly having been killed by the "kids" and hence entertains possible cover-up scenarios - a reasonable assumption, wrote the following, picking up from an exchange that we've covered previously:

From a legal view yes, but still, vanished into thin air? To me, it is no longer who's responsible but can it be proven.

Paulus working in the prosecutor's office and as you've (previously) pointed out, it's a small island. It's a cover up.

It would be nice to have some detailed expanation to a couple of actual statements by government officials. I think this would stem the tide a bit:

For example, "Mistakes were made" said by the PM (what is he talking about and how did the mistakes happen?)

Also, "confirming Natalee is dead and the suspect is taking police to her body" by the Minister of Justice (later retracted, how does one make such an irresponsible comment without confirming.

And, "blood was found in the car" by R.Croes (later retracted but again, what carelessness).

Protection form criticism? What is the order of lawyers actually seeking form the Aruban Supreme Court?
I responded by saying that"
First, the PM made those statements during a period leading up to an election. I believe them to be more political than factual. The PM played to his electorate.

Second, the comments about Natalee being dead and taking people to her body were not official government proclamations. To the best of my knowledge, both of those erroneous revelations were more the products of Deputy Chief Dompig's prevarication and the media's hair-trigger anticipation and subsequent induction. Incidentally, it was these releases that prompted the Aruban authorities to create a hierarchy of information processing and announcements. From this point onward, the only authorized releases would come from the PM or the Minister of Justice. Accordingly, all information obtained from any other source was deemed unverified and should be regarded as untrue. To be base, the Dairio newspaper sources were discredited from this time onward. They remain so to this date.

Third, the blood in the car comment was similarly a misinterpretation of fluid found within one of the cars of the suspects. If I recall correctly, the original statement leaked to public was that a red fluid, resembling blood, was found in one of the cars. This statement, though unofficial, evolved eventually into "blood was found in the car." Keep in mind that the press was eager, maybe too eager, to print anything about this case. Also, keep in mind that the language of this case was Dutch. The language of the press was English, translated, for the most part, from the Creole language of the Dairio newspaper. What was happening in Dutch was not being reported in the Creole print. The Dutch language of the case is and remains the accurate version.

The last comment about protection, dealing with the Supreme Court, means sanctions. The Supreme Court of Aruba can levy sanctions against entities bringing untruths against the Aruban government or people. Obviously, one of those sanction will be aimed at curbing the reckless and untethered announcements of the Dairio newspaper and Josie Mansur. Another sanction is barring undesirables from entering Aruba, including the crews of destructive media sources.
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Posted by Richard at October 5, 2005 10:41 PM

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