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October 31, 2005

HarryTho 10/31 Natalee Holloway Update And Commentary

Topics: Natalee Holloway

Not a very organized set of news today, but at the very least, it's darn interesting.

We'll start with Dan Riehl's post tonight entitled, "Fox uh, uh, Update," because that signals exactly the kind of day it's been in the Natalee disappearance mystery.

Did Greta just say she was going to talk about why Aruban police are launching a new investigation to see if Beth Twitty was conducting a multi-million dollar scam?
And moving on from there, things just get more bizarre. Beth claimed on Greta's Fox News that she spent $37,000.00 on a jet that waited two days on the tarmac while the she checked out her daughter being reported checked into a crackhouse in Aruba! And, Beth believed that lead?

There's more! Greta on Fox News claimed that Police Chief Dompig is accusing Beth of scamming funds. Beth in turn claimed that Dompig is loosing focus on the gang rape perpetrated on her daughter. Greta continued by claiming that some Internet sites are running amok about Beth Twitty scamming millions of dollars. (Yes, you heard me right!)

And in degrees of bizarre, we've only just begun.

Greta even mentioned that her husband (Greta's) got in a real estate deal with Beth's husband. This while Beth claimed many details were missing from her altered statement. And, there's no word from the Chief Prosecutor. Beth then said that she plans on a three-day stay on Aruba. Also on Greta, she reported that Beth Twitty claims that the search teams left Aruba because the Aruban authorities did not request equipment from the FBI. Beth claims Police Chief Dompig is not returning her phone calls.

In a side comment, Greta just popped that out. Some posters are commenting that there was a land deal on Aruba and Greta's husband was involved. Whether true or not, I have no idea.

Moving on to a little less bizarre but still in the realm of a little out of the mainstream topics routinely covered in the blogosphrere:

In referring to the below interesting posts at Dan's by "Sunny" and "RstJ," I have never heard of this Dutch coast guard guy. However, Letsbefair's comment from BHS is quite accurate about entry in to countries by vagabond fleets. If you are on a small sailboat, you could drop anchor anywhere. Sailboats are a nightmare to immigration officers. Remember, you can cross an ocean on a 35-foot sloop.

The second portion of the below posts concerns the fact that Natalee never bought one gift for her family in Mountain Brook. The lack of concern expressed in the second souvenir post seems intriguing, as well.

These two recent groups of posts would fit into what I have already discussed about a reality-perception disorder. I do not know the psychological name, reality-perception disorder is the philosophical equivalent.

Riehl World View: Natalee Holloway Discussion 263

IF Natalee ran away in order to pursue further contact with the Dutch coast guard guy on Curacao, how hard would it be to bribe some sailors on a freighter to let you hop aboard. I found a shipping schedule that showed that there are freights in Oranjestad on Tuesdays. A lot of the freighters go to Curacao as their next destination and then on to a northern route that ends up in Puerto Rico or a southern route that ends up in Suriname. The freighters to Curacao leave in the late afternoon and end up in Curacao the next morning.

Natalee could have done that on a lark but never made it to Curacao because she trusted the wrong guys. She could have ended up raped and dumped overboard.

Posted by: sunny | Oct 31, 2005 6:14:39 PM

The Bushy Haired Stranger - An alternate "runaway" theory
Apparantly she did not buy any souvenirs for Beth, if so I assume Beth would have showed them on one of the many shows she did.
Someone who is planning not to return home is not buying souvenirs from the people he/she is ranning away from
The lack or presence of souvenirs in her luggage might be very telling imo Victorp

Let's face it....Natalee didn't call home one time while she was on the trip. That's just weird! And I know they say the cells didn't work....hello Hotel phone or calling me this just screams of a fight before the trip.

Liked your point about the souvenirs. No calls, no souvenirs, she seems to have ignored the "tip" money, and Beth doesn't even seem to know what her favorite foods are. When asked about her daughter, the only thing that ever comes up is she was in a dance group, the Dorians, which, judging from the pictures, was more of a Beth/Jug accomplishment rather than anything Natalee particularly wanted. Oh, and her panties and that she supposedly shaved. I wonder if those details didn't originate somewhere other than from direct observation. The panties from the bar crowd and the shavejob from whomever she actually roomed with.

These people don't know their daughter, didn't care about knowing her, and probably wouldn't have done much more than sat around drinking umbrella drinks with their friends waiting for her to call had not something shifted them into high gear and made it clear that Natalee was not going to be coming back willingingly. Concern doesn't seem to be high on their list. But man, if Natalee ran away, if she *defied* them.... RstJ

And from "letsbefair":
Zillions of people travel without passports. (like illegal aliens from Mexico for example) If Natalee went on a private plane or into a boat harbor, no one would have asked to see any I.D. -letsbefair
Next, I want to follow up on what I've written previously on the impact that Natalee's medication, if it existed, would have on her disappearance case.

First, let us review Natalee's pictures that have been posted on the net. In each case, now that I use her medication as a potential filter for viewing those pictures, Natalee appears to be distant in the photos. She does not engage the camera. She seems more concerned with how to react to the situation. She is unsure of her herself. Check each picture in which Natalee is posed with others, and you will see this.

Second, Beth Twitty has received some harsh comments about being a domineering mother. The comments crescendo with a characterization as "Hitler's sister's daughter." If we grant that Natalee distances herself from the people around her, we can sense a kind of reality-perception frailty with Natalee. When Beth Twitty went to great lengths to explain how she carefully arranged Natalee's items that would accompany her to Aruba, we can sense Beth's concern for Natalee's ability to cope with the potential challenges of everyday encounters in Aruba. In this sense, Beth is not a domineering mother, at all. She is a concerned mother with a child that has a limitation ... reality challenged.

Third, the comments about Jug Twitty "coaching" Natalee have likewise acquired some negative appraisals. Jug's coaching could have been other than what many posters have surmised. Jug could have been coaching Natalee in order not to adjust to Mountain Brook per se, but in order to adjust to reality.

Fourth, Thomas Twitty and his friends' reported belligerence toward Joran may have emanated form the same concern for Natalee. It might not have been a territorial, male-dominance response. It might have been protective for a challenged person.

Fifth, repeating the kindness comments form Natalee friends, likewise, signals that Natalee was treated with special care.

Sixth, the comment of her not having a prom date, likewise, triggers a special concern for Natalee's awareness.

As I see it, Natalee could have been a person who accommodates others as a way of coping with a reality that she does not understand. If the is the case, we can appreciate her willingness to go with Joran and to engage in whatever circumstances the evening presented. Deepak's comment about "you can't believe how easy it was" fits snugly into this situation.

Natalee's special consideration for some form of reality-perception problem could be the knot that binds this entire confusing story together. Also, it would explain why Natalee would be willing to take a boat ride to Venezuela or wander off with some strange guys she met after Joran left her on the beach.

Natalee may not have run away. She just may be accommodating in order to mix in with the reality that she interprets or does not understand.

Lastly, these kinds of people do extremely well when focused upon certain aspects of life. Take John Nash, the Princeton Nobel Laureate. He even envisioned extra people in his life that did not exist in order to cope with reality. These comments relate to these that I made earlier:
What I saw in the medication clue was whether or not Natalee has personal limitations with respect to her ability to comprehend the intentions of people, and maybe even reality.

When I input this hunch into the pictures of Natalee that we have been shown by the media, I sense a match with Natalee. Deepak's comment about "You can't believe how easy it was" rings true in this scenario. Natalee accommodated the boys, because she was oblivious to the gravity of the situation. I

f alcohol affected the medication that she was taking in some way, it is possible that her best perception of events was altered. Our post was not autopsy-intended. It was more in line with a search for the underlying causes of some of the comments that have caused us so much confusion, and let us be frank, disbelief in the suspects.

What if the suspects' appraisal of Natalee, on that evening, were correct?

Has anyone noticed the delicateness with which the other Mountain Brook teens refer to Natalee? When they speak of Natalee they tend to speak with a sort of kindness that they do not extend to others in their group. There just might exist a reason for that. What medication Natalee was required to take may enlighten our understanding of whom Natalee actually is.

Lastly, from Aruba GetAGrip, the Bone previously found by a tourist has now gone to Holland
:"... the bone was found around the boat Baboo II in Malmok. "

"According to reports, the bone could be a few months or years old, but experts will be able to determine this based on their investigation which is taking place in the institute located in Rijks Laboratorium in Holland."
This bone report came from Jossy Mansur's Diario newspaper. It could be just the usual Jossy drivel.

And so ends what is a less organized discussion than I like to lay out, but given the nature of the collective material, just getting it all out to chew over may in itself be sufficient.

Calling it an evening, Aloha.

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Posted by Richard at October 31, 2005 11:21 PM

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