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October 25, 2005

HarryTho 10/29 Natalee Holloway Update And Commentary

Topics: Natalee Holloway

Cable news is temporarily out of hurricanes to cover, so there's a little more action (perhaps better phrased as mis-action) on the Natalee front.

Rita Crosby of MSNBC interviewed Art Wood, Paul Reynolds and Joe Mammana.

Art Wood reviewed the recent efforts off the Fisherman's Huts. He described how the Aruba government is providing them with pinpoint areas to search.

Joe Mammana, introduced as a Philadelphia philanthropist, is quoted as warning the suspects to "Watch Out" and telling the Aruban government that they are "... out of their league." Joe believes that nothing short of a boycott of Aruba as a tourist destination will solve this disappearance. Regrettably, the only mention of support for Joe's promotions, as presented by Rita Crosby, was a Teamsters Union from Columbus, Ohio.

Paul Reynolds then came along and praised the current efforts of the Aruban government, and expressed a feeling of optimism about a resolution.

My feeling on these items is that the juxtaposition of a philanthropist with a Teamster Union evokes a vision inconsistent with what Joe Mammana is promoting. It is one thing to talk tough. It is quite another to walk tough. As for the Fisherman's Huts activity, this is a rehash of the missing crab-trap scenario of the early days of the investigation. Clearly, at this stage of the rehash in the investigation, Joe Mammana is correct when he says that they are "... out of their league."

Joe Scarborough interviewed Police Chief Dompig, Dave Holloway, Pam Bondi and Candice Delong.

Police Chief Dompig related how the tapes have been sent to the Holland in a CD-ROM format. Other tapes have been received in another format from the FBI. The Police Chief doubts the authenticity of the tapes.

Joe, then, tried to open up possibilities - if the tapes are found to be authentic. The police chief responded with a patterned line of police procedure.

A sad scenario then emerged in talking with Police Chief Dompig. Joe Scarborough said that Paulus van der Sloot has filed, today, some form to clear his son's name (Joran) from any further involvement in this case. I know Paulus filed for himself to be removed from suspicion a few days ago. Perhaps, Joe got it wrong.

Another sad tidbit from the police chief was that the crabtrap, allegedly stolen form the Fisherman's Huts, is merely conjecture. The police chief stressed that there exists no declaration whatsoever that any fish trap had been stolen from the Fisherman's Huts. The chief claimed that all the activity currently around the Fisherman's Huts emanates from the report that a knife was reported missing from the Fisherman's Huts. Apparently, the underwater search off the shores of the Mariott Hotel concerns a missing knife.

Dave Holloway then deflected all intentions to boycott Aruba. Currently, he continues to plead with the Aruban people for leads as to what happened to his daughter.

Pam Bondi felt that the new investigator leading the investigation was a positive event. She felt that sooner or later the three suspects would provide an inconsistent statement that would re-jail them.

Candice Delong stressed that the Aruban law enforcement needs some pretty good evidence to re-arrest the suspects.

Greta of Fox News interviewed Beth Twitty, Bernie Grimm, Ted Williams, and Jim Hammer.

Beth went over her meeting with Condelizza Rice. Basically, Beth provided information to Secretary of State Rice about her experience with the case, and little more. Beth wants the FBI in the case because she feels that the Aruban police were unwilling to investigate.

Bernie Grimm expressed his feeling that the Secretary of State provides a wake-up call for Police Chief Dompig. However, Grimm felt that Condelizza Rice is setting a bad precedent. Will she get involved in all oversea's disappearances?

But Jim Hammer felt that the Secretary of State's involvement is a positive.

Ted Williams expressed his feeling that all Condelizza Rice can do is to provide symbolic presence. He said that the Arubans are already motivated to resolve this case, and countered any notion of gang rape proffered by Greta. He claimed that gang rape would never be proven, given the case as it stands, regardless of the statements on the tapes. Succinctly, he said that if they were to go around arresting everyone that had sex with a drunk person, there jails would explode from overpopulation.

Greta interviewed Tito Lacle, investigative reporter for Aruba Today.

Tito cleared up some of the misinformation on Paulus van der Sloot's motion to be cleared from the Natalee Holloway disappearance case. The motion requested Paulus' (click for more at Riehl World View) name be cleared from the investigation. The intent of the motion is to allow Paulus to continue his job as a court officer and be able to renew his contract at the end of the year. The hearing will be before one judge from Curacao on 11 November, 2005 and will not be open to the public. The attorney representing Paulus feels confident of success. the hearing is more administrative in nature. Tito described Paulus' job as a court officer, as an administrative function. Paulus is no longer a judge-in-training. Concerning Joran van der Sloot, he is expected to be back in Aruba over the Christmas holidays. Tito made no mention of Joe Scarborough's contention that a motion was filed today to release Joran, as well, from the case.

To sum up our night, the one big bomb was Dompig's revelation that the crab-trap, being promoted by all the cable news networks as being removed form the Fisherman's Huts, is just rumor. No declaration exists that any such device was ever reported missing! So whatever Texas Equusearch is doing, if they're looking for the crabtrap, they're barking up the wrong tree!

So for tonight - Aloha!

Posted for HarryTho

Posted by Richard at October 25, 2005 11:55 PM

sorry i dont know how that cut & paste got on here LOL

what i wanted to say was.........
tonight i broke a vow & watched nancy grace on court tv..hope you saw it

this may have been the lowest point of natalee holloway covereage by mz grace

she appears to be unable to entertain any alternate theories to this case........rips aruban investigation to shreds ( i'm not even sure she knew van der stratten is no longer there).....fails to ask any tough questions of jamie skeeters....cannot even consider that joran may be telling the truth with the left on the beach scenario....has no compassion........& appears to do no research

i guess other than that she was ok...but i hope you saw it & will comment

Posted by: chip at October 26, 2005 2:05 AM

Monsieur Harry,
First, thank for your reply.
Now we are expecting the report of the videos any minute, but what about if they ask for the tapes that were in public TV all aver the world?? If it will me doing the investigation that is what I will be analyze first, and then compared with the ones I am receiving..
Hope next time Mammana will present himself as a Pastor.
What is Mrs. Rice going to be in all of this? Beth is the one that refuses to go and give a declaration. Why involve more people and waste more taxes from the USA???
À bientôt.

Posted by: antoinette at October 26, 2005 10:30 AM

It seems unclear as to whether Dompig received the tapes only from Skeeter (in the form of CD-Rom?) or if he also received tapes from the FBI. Did the FBI determine them to be authentic or tampered with? If the FBI received them from Skeeter, did they receive them/it in the same form that Dompig did? It seems unlikely the FBI would just pass them on without examining them. No mention has been made of what the FBI thought of them, at least that I've seen.

Posted by: np at October 26, 2005 11:54 AM

Mademoiselle Antoinette:

If the US Secretary of State (equivalent to the Minister for Foreign Affairs) gets involved, we can surmise that a serious problem in foreign affairs is unfolding. On a legal aspect, I am with Detective Ted Williams that the Secretary of State will provide a presence. However, from my diplomatic background, something more severe has developed. My initial hunch focuses on the petition sent to the Minister of Kingdom Relations in the Netherlands, concerning American media abuse of the Dutch legal system. Then again, it could be something more sinister, given the recent outbursts against the United States by the president of Venezuela. For the US Secretary of State to get personally involved, rest assured that it is something quite serious.

Merci pour votre email,


Posted by: harry Author Profile Page at October 26, 2005 2:22 PM


It is my understanding that all the tapes received by the Aruban authorities are from the FBI. Apparently, from what Police Chief Dompig stated, the tapes are in different formats. The police chief expressed his doubts about the authenticity of the tapes. No mention as to the FBI's determination has been promulgated.


Posted by: harry Author Profile Page at October 26, 2005 2:27 PM


I do not put much emphasis on Nancy Grace's airings.


Posted by: harry Author Profile Page at October 26, 2005 2:29 PM


the only reason i mentioned that she has a forumn to reach so many........last night was truly scary to me.if nothing else the coverage of the mass media on this causes me real concern, it reminds me of a ceratin country in the 1930's where if you tell a lie or manipulate the becomes the truth.

thank you for your coverage

Posted by: chip at October 26, 2005 3:22 PM

Have you seen the Aruban newspaper coverage of Dompig's press conference? Major developments.

Posted by: JennyM at October 26, 2005 9:32 PM


We posted what we obtained from Fox News about the interview with Police Chief Dompig. Dan Riehl World's posters have been all over this interview all day. From the beginning, we have noticed a reluctance from the Mountain Brook group to reveal anything that took place during their trip to Aruba. It is a pity that those who have clamored for so much information in this case have been so secretive in their own affairs.

Thank you for your email,


Posted by: harry Author Profile Page at October 26, 2005 11:49 PM

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