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October 28, 2005

HarryTho 10/28 Natalee Holloway Update And Commentary

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Tonight we have some strange sources with interesting information from different areas ... even managed an Mountain Brook gal who was a friend of Natalee's. We'll start with the more mundane."

From Aruba GetaGrip, we learn that although the direction of the investigation is changed, the Kalpoe brothers and Joran van der Sloot remain as suspects.

The change of direction by the Investigating Team does not free the three from all guilt.

So far they have denied to have murdered Natalee but fact is that they dropped at the site mentioned. They do not know what happened after that and that is why it is important for the Investigating Team to verify their story

And from the same source, we're told that less passengers from the USA (including Puerto Rico) caused the passenger numbers to have decreased.
A number of factors contributed to the decrease: the unusually high number of hurricanes affecting the US, the high price of oil that affects the cost of jet fuel and the negative media publicity in the US regarding the Holloway case. Contributing to the negative growth was also the Antillean operation; in 2004 Dutch Caribbean Airlines (DCA) was still operating.

Our second largest tourist market, Latin America showed a significant growth, however, of 12.7%.

On another note - One of the blogs received a post that supported the $20 million "Natalee Holloway Fund" set up by Beth Twitty and company. The keystone of the support hinged upon the accounting requirements, as dictated by the strict Internal Revenue Codes (IRS) of the United States governing such financial enterprises. In response, we need to remember that much stricter codes were in place to guard against suspicious activities under the dictates of the Patriot Act, yet AmSouth Bank was fined $50 Million for violating them. We need to recall that it was accountants that permitted these oversight in surveillance. Are we to trust those same accountants with the oversight of a trust fund? Why should we? Not one year has passed, since AmSouth Bank was fined for money laundering, yet it was AmSouth Bank that was chosen amongst the horde of other American banks to handle the moneys for one of the same family members implicated in the money laundering.

Perhaps, if the Twittys had chosen Bank of America or Chase Manhattan Bank (JP Morgan Chase), we might not be so condemning. The Twittys chose the bank that acquired the highest penalty for bank irregularities in recent history. Certainly, we have the right to be suspect of their judgment.

Another item that should be of interest to readers is a recent and telling post from today's Dan Riehl's site:

Riehl World View: Natalee Holloway Discussion 257

Hi all:

Let me introduce myself -- my name is cassie and like Natalee, I'm white, blonde and attractive. However, I have gray in my blonde hair and I turned 50 on the 10th of October. I am conservative and extremely responsible. Normally, I don't follow cases such as this for very long but this one has captured my attention due to the similarities between my experience and Natalee's. About 10 days after Natalee went missing, I went to Las Vegas by myself which is something I've done for quite a few times as I feel that due to security, Las Vegas is a safe place for a woman alone as long as she uses common sense. I did not party the entire time I was there and was in bed early and never went out at night by myself but on my last night, I thought I should get out and "have some fun." I sat at the roulette table in a casino until 4:00 a.m and the guy next to me kept having the cocktail waitress bring me drinks and I kept drinking them. Needless to say, I was drunk and when I left he walked me back to my hotel room and spent the night with me and yes, I can say that I was "going in and out of consciousness." Like Natalee, I also missed my plane the next day. Would this be considered rape in a court of law in the United States? I don't know but have no intention of finding out. Did I learn a lesson, yes. I'm 50 years old and responsible and very cautious -- put yourself in the place of an 18 year old girl, at an age where you think you are invincible. I have my own theories of what happened as everyone on this board does. The point I'm trying to make is if this can happen to a 50 year old woman who has knowledge of the world -- it can definitely happen to an 18 year old who has not had the time to realize that not everyone is a good guy. "But for the grace of God go I."

Posted by: cj1132 | Oct 28, 2005 8:16:29 PM

This gal has a point about consensual affairs out of town. This gal sums it up for all the rape-theories running amok about Natalee's alleged encounters in Aruba. Natalee would have to come forward and claim that she was raped. Of course, if she is in hiding, few would take her serious after 5 months. If Natalee is no longer with us, then she will never be able to object to Joran's alleged advances. Whichever the case happens to be, there is no rape or sexual assault charge possible here.

From an article about some of Natalee's classmates at Vanderbilt University we can gain some insight as to what happened that fateful night at C&C's.

The main classmate interviewed is Virginia Page, a close friend of Natalee's. Virginia was in Carlos & Charlie's the night Natalee disappeared. She claims that Natalee had no intention of meeting Joran van der Sloot at Carlos & Charlie's that last night. Joran just happened to be there.

"Page and Allen calmly recounted the events of the night Holloway disappeared, seemingly eager to dispel major media rumors. "I remember dancing with her for most of the time, and then an hour before (Carlos 'N' Charlies) closed, I didn't see her again. She hadn't planned on meeting (Van der Sloot), he just happened to be there," Page said"

Clearly, if Virginia knows Natalee well, then Joran's statement to Current Affairs that Natalee asked him to meet her at the Carlos & Charlie's is inaccurate.

I tend to believe Virginia Page. She has no reason to lie. The only question is how well she knew Natalee. Virginia mentions dancing with Natalee most of the evening at Carlos & Charlie's, until Natalee just seemed to disappear. If that is true, then it leaves little time for Natalee's bar top dancing and other sensual activities. I would find it absurd to believe that Virginia would have missed Natalee engaging in such behavior.

Lastly for the evening, Great of Fox News had Dave Hollaway on for what appeared to be a few moments. There was nothing new. Dave is just hoping for the best from dive searches.

With that, we'll call it a night. Aloha!

Posted for HarryTho

Posted by Richard at October 28, 2005 10:47 PM

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