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October 27, 2005

HarryTho 10/27 Natalee Holloway Update And Commentary (Updated)

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It's been a busy day on the Natalee Holloway front, and we begin with the day's surprise.

Aruba GetAGrip posts that according to Commissioner Dompig - the focus of the investigation into Natalee's disappearance is now also in the US, that Beth Twitty is part of the investigation, and that Beth owes Aruba some explanations.

Dompig said that now he and the team have redirected the focus to also include the US, because the group of students came from the US to party in Aruba and have a good time and it cannot be that they do not know anything about what happened.

This mother can tell us about her last contact with her daughter. Unfortunately she continues to bash Aruba out there, and does not want to return to help with the investigation.

Dompig however said that he will no more appear on any talk show with the mother, because Beth Twitty has been invited to come to Aruba to make declarations again, but she is not cooperating.

This is important because in the US Beth Twitty said that the police in Aruba changed her declaration and if this is the case the police is now giving her the opportunity to set the records straight by declaring again. Besides that the Investigating Team has some questions to ask Beth Twitty about her relation with her daughter Natalee.

However, although the focus now includes the U.S., the police chief is continuing with the premise that the three suspects know something of Natalee's disappearance. He states that the investigators have to verify their story. To date, they have not been able to do that.

Concerning the widespread notion that the suspects admitted to killing Natalee, the police chief denies any such statements were ever made. Also, the recent bone discovery is another falsehood.

On the question of the end of the investigation, the police chief stated that when there are no more questions to ask and all prior questions have been answered, the case is closed.

Yesterday Dave Holloway said that his hope is to find Natalee alive, although everything else indicates otherwise, and that the police, who are more experienced in these cases, say that they should look for a body - and that is what they are doing.

Also from Aruba Getagrip, Tim Miller of EquuSearch says that if nothing is found, they will return to the US.

Miller said that the possibility exists that Natalee's body was dumped into the ocean. In view thereof they brought equipment from the only forensic crime scene divers in the US. He also said that they are working on bringing equipment that can be used at a depth of 1000 feet as the equipment that they presently have only reach 550 feet.They intend to search in deep waters and see what they can find there. There are 8 EquuSearch members in Aruba and 3 more are on their way. Including Tim, there are a dozen EquuSearch members working closely with local authorities to try and close the case.

They are presently searching in the ocean north of Aruba by the Fisherman's Huts and indications are that they must be at a distance of 3 to 5 miles at a depth of 700 to 800 feet. They are covering about 1 square mile per day which appears to be slow, which is the reason why they are bringing in another unit to double their capacity.

Back on the Alabama side of the equation, Commissioner Dompig will ask for Natalee Holloway's classmates to break their silence.
"... despite that the criticism of people who say that they regret the fact that the suspects have been set free.

He said that this is not a problem, because this does not hamper the investigation."

"Now after 4 months, the commissioner asks for them to break their silence, because it can't be that we're putting the [whole] focus of the investigation on Aruba, while there was a group who was walking every day with Natalee who have not come forward with more important information. This also goes for the chaperones and Natalee's mother."

For just a moment here, let's drift a bit from news to pure speculation (okay - even imagination, after all, we do have a mystery before us).

If we revisit our earlier, grand speculation, concerning the involvement of the Twitty family into Natalee's disappearance, we can ratchet down the focus upon the possible involvement of Beth Twitty, or to the contrary - rule it out.

I believe we can conclude, persuasively, that Beth Twitty is a meticulous person. If she participated in a disappearance scenario, she would have ensured every angle was covered in order to protect her daughter from harm. Accordingly, we could conclude that if the ultimate safe house for Natalee was located in Venezuela, Beth Twitty would have addressed any possible perils.

Passport entry restrictions into Venezuela requires yellow fever vaccination. Recommended for travel to Venezuela is Hepatitis A and B, malaria, rabies, and typhoid. Booster shots are recommended for tetanus-diphtheria and measles. Malaria is a serious concern outside the Caracas area. The strains of malaria in Venezuela are chloriquine resistant. The stronger, prescribed, anti-malaria protective drugs are required.

Shots should be taken 4-6 weeks before departure. Some oral malaria drugs can be taken a few days prior to departure.

A review of Natalee Holloway's shot record could reveal any intentions to travel to Venezuela or any other tropical South American country. As a countercheck, social security number and sometimes passport number are recorded for vaccination records. No vaccinations (or passports) are required by Americans traveling to Aruba. Medical facilities in Aruba are comparable to small hospitals in the USA.

If Natalee Holloway is being held in Venezuela, it is unlikely that she is being held along the seacoast and in particular Caracas. If she resides, as we predicted, in Maracaibo, there exists a US Consulate in Maracaibo located at: Centro Venezolano Americano del Zulia (CEVAZ), Calle 63 No. 3E-60, Maracaibo; telephone (58)(0261) 797-8323 or 8324 or 8325. Perhaps, it would be good to send a missing person's pamphlet on Natalee to the US Consulate in Maracaibo.

The absence of any vaccination record, to me, would indicate that Natalee Holloway did not premeditate a disappearance from Aruba. Yellow fever or malaria could kill her within a month. If she is being held against her will, I pray her abductors have attended to her required vaccination. With malaria, Natalee would be tethered to her oral medical dispenser for continued vaccination.

In other words, a Beth-centered conspiracy could easily be ruled out!

And returning to the talking head folks on cable (back to reality - sort of), we have:

Rita Crosby of MSNBC News interviewed Police Chief Dompig.

Dompig recounted his 5-hour meeting with the FBI, during which they renewed their vows to work together. According to Dompig, the focus will remain on the three kids. However, they do not rule out the possibility that Natalee ran away. Currently, they are conducting a triage on the 120 teens that came with Natalee to the Holiday Inn. They will determine who needs to be talked to and what questions need to be asked of them. The FBI will employ their legal staff to acquire Jamie Skeeter's hard drive from his computer that contains the original taping.

Rita then hosted Jug Twitty and Jamie Skeeters. Jug promoted the good work that had been done since the beginning by Police Chief Dompig. Jug then turned rabid on Paulus van der Sloot's attempt to clear his name and return to work for the Aruban government. Jug refered to Paulus as a pitiful excuse for a human being. Jug is not returning to Aruba!

Jamie Skeeter finally explained his method of providing the original taping to the Aruban government. He said he downloaded a CD from his computer's hard drive. Dr. Phil's Show then copied the CD that they received from Jamie onto a VCR. It was the VCR recording that was aired on the Dr. Phil Show. Jamie reported that he sent the CD version to the FBI. When Rita asked about noticeable errors between the CD version and the transcripts, Jamie responded that he did his own transcribing, because he is able to recall his own taping.

Greta of Fox News hosted Beth Twitty. Beth reported that she will return to Aruba on 1 November, 2005. She said that she feels confident that a competent investigation can commence now that the FBI is involved. Beth harped that no FBI involvement has occurred since the commencement of the investigation in May 2005. Beth Twitty continued with her downgrading of the Aruban investigative team as incompetent and unwilling to investigate her daughter's disappearance. She particularly singled out the chief prosecutor. In response to Greta's queries about calls form the FBI the State Department, Beth rambled out a negative.

Greta then asked about Police Chief Dompig's request to get information from Natalee's friends.

Beth claimed that the FBI already interviewed all these people. She said that she feels the Aruban police are cold-calling these people, and that the FBI should be utilized. Beth denied that any Mountain Brook student would not have provided the correct information already. The Mountain Brook teens were elevated to status of gods and goddess of integrity. In a sense, to Beth Twitty, the investigation into the Alabama students was completed and thorough a long time ago. Beth wants the FBI observing the Aruban investigators who are interviewing these students ... to insure that all goes down properly! Once again, Beth downgrades the Aruban investigators, as unwilling to investigate.

Also, apparently some new searches of the water are going on, and Beth stated that these latest searches are the last effort for the family.

Police Chief Dompig, as promised, did not appear on Fox News with Beth Twitty. Interestingly, there was no mention of the intimidating gag order placed upon the Mountain Brook teens by, presumably, the Twitty family. Beth Twitty avoided all mention of the request by the Aruban investigators to make declarations about her relationship with her daughter. Tonight's Fox News airing was highlighted by the absence of questions more than the response of others.

Riehl World View also covered Beth's Fox appearance - Natalee Holloway Mother Beth Twitty On Fox Tonight

With that, we'll call it an evening. So until tomorow - Aloha.

Posted for HarryTho

Posted by Richard at October 27, 2005 5:02 PM

Wow. A very interesting day, indeed. Thank you for bringing all of this to our attention. I have never understood why the students were told by the Twittys not to talk, or why they have never been back to Aruba to search or speak with the police.

Posted by: JennyM at October 27, 2005 7:53 PM

Are they also asking the "chaperones" to come forward to be interviewed?

Posted by: np at October 27, 2005 8:35 PM

Nicely done, Mr. Tho, and very easy to read and follow.

Some really respectable kids went along on that trip. That collective gag order has effectively made them look just as bad as the ones who may have omitted some details from their statements..but perhaps that's why the gag order was given?

Isn't there an adage about never pooping on your own doorstep?

Posted by: Dayo at October 27, 2005 9:19 PM

Monsieur Harry,
I have been wondering where is the report of the investigation that the FBI made in MB?
Now if they said that Joran had 9 or 10 days to destroyed evidence, and then we can assume that they had almost 5 months, is it so? Because, Marcia Twitty confiscated the cameras I imagine that some of them had a video camera. Are they going to submit this to ALE? Is the information reliable?
According to the amount of the fund, It can be proven that Beth Twitty, did not used that money for the search, Is she been paid by the media for all the presentations?
Why is not possible to court-imposed gag order to Beth & Co no to the kids..


Posted by: antoinette at October 27, 2005 11:00 PM


Yes, the chaperones will be questioned, or re-questioned. As I understand, a triage-like process will determine what questions still need to be asked and who from the Mountain Brook group that traveled to Aruba with Natalee will need to respond to those questions.


Posted by: harry Author Profile Page at October 27, 2005 11:04 PM

Mademoiselle Antoinette:

Regrettably, you are correct! The infamous nine days, allowed Joran van der Sloot to dispose of any alleged evidence, will reciprocate against the 5 months provided, without reservation by any legal or media objections, to the Mountain Brook group. All the potential evidence collected by the Twittys in Mountain Brook will surface like a piece of excrement in a wedding punchbowl. Unfortunately, Mademoiselle Antoinette, as I understand, the gag order in Mountain Brook was not court-ordered ... it was persuasive via financial intimidation with threats of lawsuits against the families of the students who decide to breach their silence. Truly, those demanding open discussion in Aruba were precisely those intimidating silence in Mountain Brook ... and our media and FBI just went along with it. Lastly, Mademoiselle Antoinette, I would not expect much from the early FBI investigations of the Mountain Brook teens. I fear that a chimera is dissipating before our very eyes.

Mes regrets,


Posted by: harry Author Profile Page at October 27, 2005 11:23 PM


I feel useful to clarify what ruling out “a Beth-centered conspiracy” means. In my opinion, this means following. Beth may have not premeditated Natalee’s disappearance. She may be herself deceived with respect to some its circumstances such as the role of Jug’s blood relatives and/or friends. Level of her mental abilities and personal integrity may not allow her to qualify as a ringleader of a large-scale scam operations. However, this must not be construed as lack of her role as a major figure in on-going scam.

I believe that from information afforded Beth knows for certain that neither van der Sloot nor Kalpoe committed any felony against Natalee. I believe that she deliberately misleads public on purpose of collection moneys by deception and incites others to participate in this operation. I believe that in course of this scam she may have committed other specific crime including but not limited to the following. Mrs. Beth Twitty may have committed perjury in order to cause arrest of Paulus van der Sloot. Financial incentives of prospective witnesses to commit perjuries in order to effect arrest of Joran, the Kalpoes and “Freddy”. Tampering with evidence and/or aiding and abetting to the same. …

Posted by: George at October 28, 2005 3:57 AM

hi harry
thanks you made it easy to read and understand ,i do have 2 questions for you,police chief dompig stated that when there are no more questions to ask and all prior questions have been answered the case is closed,does that mean that when the case is closed the only way that it would ever be opened again is if Natalee's body is ever found ?? and also paulas,joran and the deepak brothers names would be cleared so they can go to their jobs and get on with their life ??

Posted by: candy at October 28, 2005 11:26 AM


All we would be able to rule out with an absence of vaccinations is that Beth Twitty did not conspire to have her daughter abducted to Venezuela. As you may recall, a Venezuelan location was listed in our grand speculation. However, the absence of vaccinations does not rule out our side, hoodwink scenario in which Natalee escapes Aruba via the same McWayne jet that brought Beth to Aruba. Nor would it rule out the purchase of an open, or regular, air fare from Aruba by another party. Recall that someone close to Natalee arrived unexpectedly on an American Airlines flight a day after the group left Aruba. For whatever reason, those managing the trip to-and-from Aruba did not notice anyone missing from the flight, other than those who stayed behind for Natalee. Clearly, the head count on the return trip from Aruba was suspect.

As for how the rest of the adventure in Aruba, since Natalee's disappearance, unfolds, it remains uncertain how, or even if, it will be adjudicated. Naturally, Natalee's discovery and admissions would go a long way into condemning, as you believe. However, there would seem to be overwhelming evidence that, if fate disfavored Natalee, the three suspects were not the culprits. I believe that is why Police Chief Dompig is cautious with his words "... they know more than they have said ..." (or words to that effect).

Your last two sentences evoke a reprehensible behavior upon Beth Twitty. Clearly, if she did, in fact, engage in those types of activities, and it can be proven, she could face far worse consequences than the current suspects.

With Aloha,


Posted by: harry Author Profile Page at October 28, 2005 2:06 PM


I am not familiar with the specifics of Aruban law. In the United States, there exists no statute of limitations for murder. If Natalee's body or remains was found and forensic evidence could show foul play in her death, then, in my opinion, the case re-opens, so to speak. As for what Police Chief Dompig stated about closing, I do not believe that he has any notion of that closing taking place prior to the current two year limit for investigation. By closing here, I believe, the police chief refers to the transition of the case from a warm case into a cold case. Yes, closing (beyond the two year limit) a case would allow the suspects to go about their affairs without restrictions and the stigma of being a suspect. Lastly, I do believe that the Kingdom of the Netherlands has similar criminal limitations as the United States' statute of limitations for criminal offenses.

With Aloha,


Posted by: harry Author Profile Page at October 28, 2005 2:21 PM


I never thought about vaccination records until you brought it up. I ruled out Beth's premeditation on a number of other circumstantial grounds. There is no sense to reiterate all them now, but one of those is the indication of serious general conflict between Hooties.

Posted by: George at October 28, 2005 2:53 PM

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