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October 12, 2005

HarryTho 10/12 Natalee Holloway Update And Commentary

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Tonight on the cable circuit was interesting, so in reverse order of our usual discussion, we'll begin with the latest - first.

MSNBC NEWS aired late tonight an interview with Aruban Police Chief Dompig. Dompig stated that none of the three suspects, and specifically Deepak, admit having sex with Natalee. Apparently no testimony exists by Joran, or anyone else, that Joran took Natalee into his house. There are no statements by any of the suspects that Natalee was unconscious during their time with her. Dompig specifically stated that the rumors and statements made by Beth Twitty about her daughter's sexual assault are incorrect. Dompig believes that there may have been "translation errors" (Dompig is being polite) in the statements that Beth Twitty received.

Police Chief Dompig further stressed that there were many inconsistencies, in detail only, in Joran's statements to police. However, there is no forensic evidence in the case.

Paul Reynolds, upon being queried about Dompig's statements, commented that he was glad that someone is going back over the case.

Pamela Davis, an attorney, feels that the Aruban police have the right three suspects. She feels the comments, recently uttered by Police Chief Dompig, indicate that the Aruban prosecutors are building a strong case against the three suspects.

Before leaving the Dompig interview, Scared Monkeys posts that Police Chief Dompig is bringing in people for interviews over statements that they made on TV. Also, the Skeeter tape was to arrive via FedEx at police headquarters in Aruba. Deepak Kalpoe and his mother are to be interviewed. The article was unclear as to whether or not Joran van der Sloot would be interviewed, other than to compare his statement to the Current Affair reporter with that of Deepak Kalpoe's to Jimmy Skeeter.

Dan at Riehl World View, offers some commentary on the Skeeter tapes, expressing his doubt that th tape will have any genuine significance as regards the Natalee Holloway investigation:

Based upon communications with multiple sources in Aruba, I currently doubt very much that this tape will have any genuine significance as regards the Natalee Holloway investigation. It will most likely become one more media fiasco which goes nowhere and offers nothing substantial - except perhaps for some bump in ratings for a TV tabloid show or two.

One individual is said to have been questioned in this regard today, with another individual expected to be questioned tomorrow. It's my understanding that any questioning to this point was done cordially and undertaken simply to clarify the record.

It's also my understanding that Deepak Kalpoe maintains his position of record that at no time did he have sexual relations with Natalee Holloway, nor has he ever claimed such. (Dan has more...)

Moving on to some items that we've all been researching and massaging lately:

Why does a rapidly growing $50-Billion asset bank appoint an ex-con, convicted of money laundering, to head their investments branch? Obviously, it was determined to be a bad management decision, after AmSouth Bank was fined $50 million for money laundering for Nicaraguans from Venezuela.

Interestingly, those in support of the Twitty-Holloway camp, like the wealthy Mansurs of Aruba, also conveniently have money laundering convictions attached to their famly resume.

The owner of the Excelsior Casino, Michael Posner, also an ex-con was associated with money laundering in Chicago with the Good Ship Lollipop.

Joe Mammana has an interesting history, as well. He spent three months in state prison on charges of aggravated assault, grand theft, fraud and other offenses. He also was jailed in Florida and New Jersey on drug and fraud charges, as well as for the theft of cars, coats, and the identities of two people in the 1980s and early '90s.

The roster of the Twitty-Holloway camp seems to include a lot of individuals with experience in money laundering and prison.

Before leaving Joe Mammana, this is a good time to point out that Tom Twitty and Joe Mammana were both in Florida and got into trouble there. Could it be that they knew one another in Florida?

Moving on, and given yesterday's rundown on AmSouth Bank and its involvement with money laundering for Nicaraguans in Venezuela, a few options open up that may not have been obvious early on in the case.

First, we have the revenge angle present by a poster from another blog that we re-posted. Although that angle is clearly possible, revenge is not always good for business. Obviously, the Nicaraguans had money that they desired laundered into the USA. I believe we can assume that this money did not come from the profits of their banana plantation. A banana plantation profit would not require much to have it enter the USA as foreign direct investment. It is a simple procedure, and the USA welcomes it. Some areas of the USA even entice it with lowered green card requirements for economically depressed areas. The money did not come from bananas.

Second, if it were revenge, then why didn't the Nicaraguans go after Thomas or Hunter Twitty, Tom Jar Twitty's sons. After all, they were on the trip to Aruba with Natalee. Why pick on some pipe company man's daughter? Did the Nicaraguans truly believe that taking Tom's brother George Jug Twitty's daughter would square the deal? No, they are businessmen on the economy-of-scale variety.

Third, from another point, Natalee Holloway spent time at the Excelsior Casino, owned by a former-member of the ruthless, Chicago mobsters of the Good Ship Lollipop ... Michael Posner, an ex-con. Clearly, she was sauntering around in the playground of the King of the Bums in Aruba. What possible harm could come to Natalee, unless the King of the Bums himself condoned it?

Fourth, when Natalee is not found in a reasonable amount of time, AmSouth Bank, via associates, offers a $1Million reward. That is right! AmSouth Bank, the very company tagged for money laundering offers this huge reward for a pipe-company man's daughter.

Fifth, Joe Mammana, a self-made million and owner of Yardley Farms comes in like the cavalry and offers his assistance, both monetarily to the tune of $250,000.00 and his "push." Joe, incidentally, like Michael Posner, is an ex-con who made it rich in Philadelphia.

Let us recap a bit here: Nicaraguans with the aid of AmSouth Bank launder large amounts of money into the USA ... to persons unknown, but I suppose we would not be incorrect to say that the money went to fronts for criminal entities. Tom Jar Twitty is tagged, as President of AmSouth Investments, with the federal violation for money laundering for some $50 Million. Clearly, this money laundering exceeded the wildest expectations of a Nicaraguan banana plantation. The federal tag obviously discouraged Tom Jar Twitty from further accommodations to the Nicaraguans. The money laundering ceased, and six months or so later, Natalee Holloway, along with Tom Twitty's twin sons, traveled to Aruba on the seventh annual trip by Mountain Brook High School to the Holiday Inn, located adjoining Michael Posner's Excelsior Casino. During the trip, Natalee disappears without a trace right under the eyes of Michael Posner. After considerable, but wasted, searching, ex-con, miracle-rich Joe Mammana appears on scene to assist the disheartened members of the Twitty family. I pray I haven't missed anything!

If I were a mobster (I'm not!), I would call the foregoing rendition akin to an "ad in the paper." You see that money laundering was important to the mobsters ... most likely drug traffickers of cocaine or an array of ill-gotten gains from the more depraved forms of trafficking. When Tom Jar Twitty ceased the money laundering flow, he upset the mobsters. Taking George Jug Twitty's daughter (Tom Jar Twitty's twin brother) was an advertisement to Tom Twitty that the mobsters could take his sons anytime they wanted. Joe Mammana is here to ease Tom Jar Twitty into resuming the money laundering operations, if he desires his brother's daughter returned, or, worse, make funeral arrangements, on the family plan, for his sons. The money might even be from Michael Posner's clandestine operations, in the spirit of Good Ship Lollipop, throughout the Latin America and the Caribbean. One thing is certain, AmSouth Bank will never have to pay out the $1Million reward.

So, even the most anti-conspiracy cynic would have to admit that although the dots don't match up yet, there's a hell of a lot of dots. Can all of these be explained away by simple coincidence?

Posted for HarryTho.

Posted by Richard at October 12, 2005 11:01 PM

There are no statements by any of the suspects that Natalee was unconscious during their time with her. Dompig specifically stated that the rumors and statements made by Beth Twitty about her daughter's sexual assault are incorrect. Dompig believes that there may have been "translation errors" (Dompig is being polite) in the statements that Beth Twitty received.

SO you think that Dave Holloway, Beth Twitty, and Jug are all making this up? Because all three claim to have seen the same statements. So let's be honest here, it is either a translation error or they were given an incorrect statement. But I don't think you or anyone else can honestly say that this was some wrong on their part or that they distorted or created those transcripts.

Posted by: DT at October 13, 2005 1:01 AM

I anxiously await your comments every night. This absolutely blows my mind. I don't know what problems Beth and Dave had, but it sounds like she divorced the frying pan and married the fire. whew!

Posted by: molly at October 13, 2005 1:56 AM

My understanding is that the documents Beth has are some that Jossy Mansur gave her, and that they had been discarded & should have been shredded, but weren't.Somehow Jossy gained possession of them. They were written & signed by the interrogaters, but Joran refused to sign them because they were not the truth.

Posted by: np at October 13, 2005 10:33 PM

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