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October 14, 2005

Family Welcomes 16th Child - But Liberals Express Disgust

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duggars2.jpeg(Originally posted at California Conservative)

Jim & Michelle Duggar are celebrating the birth of their 16th child today in Little Rock, Arkansas (and while they celebrated, liberals verbalizing their typical anti-faith, anti-family - dribble).

Jim Bob Duggar, 40, is a former state representative and recently lost a bid for the Senate in Arkansas. Michelle is 39 .

"We both just love children and we consider each a blessing from the Lord. I have asked Michelle if she wants more and she said yes, if the Lord wants to give us some she will accept them," he said.

Enter liberal commentary. (note* these are the same liberals who want an ACLU attorney appointed to each terrorist at Gitmo so his constitutional right to kill Americans remains protected). Here are some disgusting comments made at Arianna Huffington's blog, The Huffington Post...

Note: You really do need to read the liberal's comments - they are simply incredible and trully representative of the maniacal anti-faith Left.

California Conservative offers much more commentary and interesting perspectives...

Posted by Richard at October 14, 2005 12:23 AM

Criticism of the couple is the same liberal death oriented mantra that has led to the depopulation crisis in some parts of Europe.

Congratulations to the Duggars!

Posted by: tim at October 14, 2005 3:48 AM

I'm a contributor for California Conservative and this article is also cross referenced on my blog at .

I don't think the wide-eyed concern or interest over this large of a family is bad or unusual. However, when people start referring to children as "a litter" and speaks of the mother in terms of "spaying", it is VERY revealing about the people using that type of language.


Posted by: Amy P at October 14, 2005 6:29 AM

Wow! 9 out of 10 comments would be wholeheartedly approved by Margaret Sanger. She HATED large families...She HATED Christians. She was a eugenist and good friends with the Nazi party, so much to publish their papers in her journal "Birth Control Review."

This is scary. When a couple, married 21 years, who supports their own family to the point of even schooling them at home and building their own house, who was convicted at the thought of birth control killing their children and decided to embrace children as the blessing they are---when these people are called "morally bankrupt" and hate is spewed at them, we've entered Margaret Sanger's Brave New World.

Posted by: JacqueFromTexas at October 14, 2005 9:59 AM

It's rediculous and selfish to have that many children. What if everyone did it. Remember China.

Posted by: splashtc at October 14, 2005 1:44 PM

God Bless that family. They were truly OPEN to life and have been blessed.

Posted by: ElizabethV at October 14, 2005 3:28 PM

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