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October 8, 2005

Earthquake kills more than 2000 in Pakistan (Updated)

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quake_wideweb__430x277.jpeg.jpg [Rescue rush: workers swarm over the remains of two Islamabad apartment buildings levelled in yesterday's earthquake. Photo: AFP]

More than 2000 people are reported to have perished as a result of an earthquake in Pakistan. The toll includes the deaths of 157 girls who were killed at their school. The estimate of 2000 is high but it could go higher since many lives were lost as a result of the collapse of several buildings.

PAKISTAN_QUAKE.sff_ISL108_20051008023635.jpegUpdate: Make that 3,000 deaths, per this 8pm update!

(...) The casualty toll from the 7.6-magnitude tremor was rising early Sunday as rescuers struggled to dig people from the wreckage, their work made more difficult as rain and hail turned dirt and debris into sticky muck.

(...) Ataullah Khan Wazir, police chief in the northwestern district of Mansehra, said authorities there pulled the bodies of 250 students from the wreckage of one girls' school in the village of Ghari Habibibullah. About 500 students were injured, he said.

(...) Dozens of children were feared killed in other schools.

(...) Mansehra, about 90 miles northwest of the capital, was believed to be a hotbed of Islamic militant activity during the time the Taliban religious militia ruled neighboring Afghanistan. Al-Qaida operatives trained suicide squads at a camp there, Afghan and Pakistani sources told The Associated Press in 2002.

Update 2: Make that 18,000 people - "Asian quake kills 18,000."

I can't help but wonder if there is a lot of gambling going on in the area of the earthquake? After all, do you remember what some Muslims said about Katrina?

Hurricane Katrina was a 'lesson' to the people of Mississippi, Missouri and Louisiana to halt the 'gambling and other vices' found in the region's casinos, which have almost all been 'reduced to a tangle of broken rods and twisted metal beams.' This op-ed article from the United Arab Emirates' Khaleej Times also helpfully points out that it was Allah - not Mother Nature - who was behind this 'lesson.'
- Abid Ishaq, Khaleej Times, September 9, 2005.

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