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October 18, 2005

Dr Sanity To Crowd: Sorry Guys - You Lose

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Dr. Sanity says that ever since sent her a veritable horde of "'Left-wingers' currently having a debate (if you want to call it that)" at one of her posts about how evil and unpatriotic they think she is for her attitude toward the Plame case:

I thought I would quote an article from Slate back at them--especially since they are so freaking "outraged" at the treasonous implications of the case.

"Just for my own information, here's a question for you: does the name "Sandy Berger" ring a bell in your suddenly patriotic breasts? We were at war when he filled his socks with classified information from the National Archives, yet I don't remember your overflowing outrage at the time."

Read her key quote from the Slate article...

Dr. Sanity, obviously unimpressed with the Plame investigation and the liberal's self rightous indignation, tells the crowd, "whatever happens when Fitzgerald comes out with his findings, kiddos, you lose -- as usual."

Posted by Richard at October 18, 2005 8:37 PM

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