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October 7, 2005

Blair Stands His Ground: Warns Iran not to interfere with Iraq

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Britain Prime Minister Tony Blair, while standing his ground and not backing off one iota about the right of the U.S. and Britain to be in Iraq, warned Iran not only to not interfere in Iraq but also underlined his suspicion that Iran was providing explosives used to kill coalition forces in Iraq. Let's hear it for Tony Blair - although Iran is already interfering in Iraq and has not only been responsible for much of the Shiite uprising led by Moqtada al-Sadr but also even before Sadaam was deposed.

In a joint news conference with visiting Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, Blair also warned Tehran that London would not be intimidated about querying Iran's nuclear weapons ambitions.

His comments came as Iran's foreign ministry rejected accusations by a senior British official on Wednesday that the country's elite Revolutionary Guard had supplied weapons technology to insurgents in Iraq.

Blair backed-up the claim, but noted it was just a suspicion for now.

"What is clear is that there have been new explosive devices used not just against British troops but elsewhere in Iraq," he told reporters.

"The particular nature of those devices led us either to Iranian elements or to Hezbollah," Blair said.

"However, we can't be sure of this at the present time."

Blair said British troops would stay in Iraq, which is preparing to hold a referendum next week on a new constitution, for as long as requested.

But Tony Blair didn't stop there, he continued by saying that Britain will not be subject to any intimidation in raising the necessary and right issues to do with the nuclear weapons obligations of Iran under the atomic energy agency treaty.

Strongly Related: Iran accused of helping Iraqi rebels who killed British troops - British officials talk about evidence of supporting Sunni, Shiite insurgency.
"We think it has come from Lebanese Hezbollah via Iran," the official said, refusing to say whether Britain believed the actions were on the orders of the government in Tehran.

In August, a US intelligence official said anonymously that Washington believed a cache of manufactured bombs seized in Iraq had been smuggled into the country by the Revolutionary Guard.

Is Iran the True Victor of the Iraq War?
Iran has benefited from the downfall of the Saddam regime like no other country. Now Iran's mullahs are pressing for more influence -- and are apparently using terror as a means to that end. The Shiite-dominated south is already said to be completely under Tehran's control.

Shipment of high explosives intercepted in Iraq
There's disturbing information that some of the most sophisticated of these deadly weapons are reportedly coming from Iran.

Meet Brigadier General Qassem Suleimani - Commander Of Iran's 'Anti-American Qods Force' Already Long At War With America
While we're presently occupied with hurricane victims, a SCOTUS nominee, Iraq, an emerging avian influenza pandemic, and, whatever the latest Democratic leftwing rants against President Bush involve, Iran is busy exporting hate and war against America and the West via Islam.

Posted by Richard at October 7, 2005 12:31 AM

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