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October 26, 2005

Aid still urgently needed in Kashmir

Topics: Natural Disasters

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Rich world 'failing' on quake aid

The British charity Oxfam claims that not enough aid is being pledged to help the earthquake victims in the region of Pakistan. It has been estimated that the death toll on the Pakistan side of the border of Kashmir is around 54,000. The toll on the Indian side is around 1,400 dead. However, at risk are the lives of another 800,000 people.

Aid has been slow to reach the people of the Kashmir. In part the reason for the slowness of the aid is the lack of accessability to the region.

Even though Oxfam has a point about the lack of response, I think that they should be seeking more aid from the countries controlled by Islamists. This is a region where Osama Bin Laden has his training camps. He is reputed to have millions of dollars at his disposal. Money is being wasted on making bombs and acts of terror, whilst the people are without proper amenities.

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