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October 31, 2005

A quick look at the mood in Delhi

Topics: Islam And The War On Terror

The BBC has a summary of opinion from the media in India. The mood is that of a people who are angry at those who have perpetrated this crime. The editors have blasted the Indian Government for not doing enough after the explosion that has killed at least 60 people in Delhi.

However, the mood in Delhi is in fact cautiously optimistic. The people are not willing to cower in the face of this latest attempt to terrorise them. They are ready to fight against those who are responsible for the terror.

Perhaps they should check to see if there are any suspicious looking craft rooms where one might find the makings for a bomb inside the local mosques, owing to the fact that it is well known that radical Islamic terror organizations have no compuctions against using Mosques as platform for their infrastructure and operational activities.

Mosques have been frequently abused as a platform for radical Da'awa activities (socio-economic activities and incitement), Emotion-laden sermons serve to mobilize sympathizers and recruit new militants for planned terror attacks; arms and explosives are hidden on the mosque premises; and the muezin's loud speakers are used to call the community to arms.
Mosques have also been used or abused by terrorist operatives, who use the building as a safe haven for meetings, and use prayers as a cover for their operations. The rough panelling of the mosque's walls are often used as to pass secret massages and instructions between operatives. Radical Islamic militancy does not hesitate to use and abuse the sanctity of holy places as a significant part of their fight against all that is not radical Islam. All methods are legitimate and justified in the service of Jihad against those who pose a threat to the Umma. There are no morals or rules of fair play and nothing is off-limits (in Islam).

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