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September 13, 2005

US prelate urges 'safe side' on gay priests

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As Roman Catholics await the release of a Vatican document on whether gays should be barred from the priesthood, the American prelate overseeing the Vatican evaluation of every seminary in the United States, suggests that anyone who has engaged in homosexual activity, or has strong homosexual inclinations - are not appropriate candidates for the priesthood.

(...) The American prelate overseeing a sweeping Vatican evaluation of every seminary in the United States said yesterday that most gay candidates for the priesthood struggle to remain celibate and the church must ''stay on the safe side" by restricting their enrollment.

(...) But generally speaking, in my experience, the pressures are strong in an all-male atmosphere," he said. ''And if there have been past failings, the church really must stay on the safe side. . . . The same-sex attractions have gotten us into some legal problems.

(...) leaders said there is no easy way to enforce a ban on gay priest-candidates, since many do not discover they are homosexual until after they enroll and others may simply hide their sexual orientation from seminary administrators.

So should gays be barred from the priesthood? The issue isn't one's sexual orientation, the issue is celibacy, whether gay or heterosexual, a priest must be and remain celibate. So it is celibacy that should be considered as the qualifying parameter, not sexual orientation or prior behavior - to a point. That point should begin at the time that one decides to be a priest, and, after appropriate vetting, including counseling and examination of conscience.


Open Letter to Benedict XVI from a Gay Priest: There are many gay men who are healthy, holy, and committed to celibacy, and who feel a real call to the priesthood.

The Church and the Homosexual Priest

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