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September 23, 2005

The Humane Society Needs Your Help

Topics: Natural Disasters

As of now, three weeks after Katrina hit, there are still hundreds of stranded and abandoned pets that are starving to death in their homes. A dedicated group of volunteers is doing their best to feed and water these animals and 2,000 others until better shelter arrangements can be made.

Ideally, they are asking for volunteers, not money. If you can possibly be of assistance, see contact information below.

Hat tip - Dan Riehl

PLEASE COME NOW!!!!!!!!! we are DESPERATE for reliable people to assist in feeding and watering animals trapped in homes. We have thousands of animals still trapped WITHOUT FOOD OR WATER AFTER 3 WEEKS! We do not have enough rescuers to save them. Volunteers are stressed and overworked and heading home. We need as many people as are able to come down immediately with tents and sleeping bags. If you have a van, SUV, ryder truck, ETC. you're expecially needed since you can ferry in supplies. Report to barn 5 when you arrive or go to the 6am meeting to be deployed with a rescue team. Just come, no need to respond to this email. THANK YOU!!!!!! PLEASE CROSS POST

There is an urgent need for volunteers to come for three day shifts in Louisiana to help starving dog and cat victims of hurricane Katrina. HSUS and other organizations need people to staff what is now the nations largest animal shelter. Which is in truth, nothing more than a makeshift facility with over 2,000 animals.

We also need people to go into the city and feed and rescue thousands of starving animals. Volunteers need only report to:

La Mar Dixon Center Command Center

9039 S. Saint Landry Road

Gonzales, LA Anytime - Day or Night

Be prepared for a chaotic situation. Bring a tent, sleeping bag or be prepared to sleep in your car. There is also an air conditioned area with cots. People that are physically fit and can enter New Orleans must bring sturdy shoes, long pants, sun visor or hat, crow bar and a utility knife. If you can just commit to a three day shift you will save more animals than we can express. Please come now! Just do it.

This request is coming from: David Meyer Executive Director Acting Feed & Rescue Commander HSUS at La Mar Dixon

Lamar Dixon Coordinator

Posted by Richard at September 23, 2005 11:45 PM

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