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September 23, 2005


Topics: Technology

skype.pngI thought the dot com bubble had burst until ebay bought Skype for a frothy $2.6 billion. For our American readers who haven't heard of the company, Skype provides downloadable software to make voice communications over the internet.

Although computer-to-computer calls are free, international computer-to-phone calls (SkypeOut) cost in the range of two cents per minute. In addition, the company sells voice mail and "SkypeIn", a service that allows users to receive calls though a personalized phone number via their internet service provider.

Amazingly, Skype has amassed more than 54 million customers in an industry that Google and Microsoft are still scrambling to figure out. And, with Skype's projected revenue of $60 million this year it looks like Ebay bought much more than a promise (this is no "dot com").

So, do you Skype?

Posted by tim at September 23, 2005 4:32 PM

Heck yeah! Skype is the best chat thus far! The only thing it doesn't do is transfer photo's smoothly, but besides that it is one of the best features out there!

Too bad Google/Yahoo/MSN were too slow to purchase the program. It looks like Ebay will enjoy whatever profits result from it, although China seems to have banned skype so they are going to have to work that out with Beijing.

Posted by: Darnell at September 23, 2005 8:24 PM

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