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September 6, 2005

Sailor on leave from Iraq killed by suspected gang members

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Although I've categorized this post as "National News," it's more like a "National Disgrace." What else would you call it when a U.S. Navy sailor on leave from the war in Iraq is killed in a suspected gang shooting that also wounds his brother, pregnant wife, and the couple's unborn baby?

Osiel Hipolito, 20, was shopping at a strip mall near Compton with his wife and brother when he was assaulted by two men believed to be gang members, Sheriff's Deputy Scott Gage said.

"He goes to defend himself and one of the gang members draws a gun and begins shooting at the group," Gage said.

Hipolito was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

The baby, a girl, was delivered prematurely with a leg wound. Hipolito's wife and brother were in stable condition, Gage said.

Although no immediate arrests were made, police say that images of two suspects were recorded by surveillance video.

As pointed out by Rusty at Jawa Report, the title of NBC's coverage called the baby a "fetus," in their piece entitled: "Navy Man Killed, Fetus Shot In Foot By Alleged Gang Members." Rusty writes that he's "shocked that a report could intentionally dehumanize this child in the headline and then report the same child is alive and well in the body of the article." While I too am troubled with NBC's use of the term fetus instead of unborn child, especially one who survives an in-utero gun shot wound, I certainly am not shocked. I've come to expect such disregard for human life, especially that of unborn children, from NBC and their ilk in the MSM. In fact, I'm quite pleasantly surprised when a moonbat MSM journalist actually refers to an unborn child in humanizing terms, so accustomed am I to seeing expressions of total disregard for the lives of the unborn.

On the other hand, the real story here is the tragic death of the baby's father, a member of the U.S. military and a war veteran, at the hands of filthy vermin that are referred to as "suspected gang members" in the news article. I'm usually not in favor of the death penalty, preferring instead to locking scum away in a six by six cell for life to contemplate their evil deeds. However, in this case I'd support sending in a Blackwater strike team or a pack of Navy Seals to expedite the process of rushing the vermin to justice, swiftly terminating the useless existance of the evildoers.

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Posted by Richard at September 6, 2005 10:22 PM

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