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September 2, 2005

Natalee Holloway: Satish Kalpoe To Be Released (with HarryTho Update)

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Riehl World View has it that "very preliminary information coming out of Aruba suggests there will be a Government Task Force Press Conference today and one or both Kalpoe brothers are said to be being released - now, or in the near future." In an update, Dan writes that a "second report suggests above report is correct and confirmed at least as far as Satish Kalpoe - a second judge is said to have over-ruled an earlier ruling allowing for an extension of Satish Kalpoe's detention."

Also, HarryTho emails - Attorney: Dutch suspect in the disappearance of Alabama teenager to be released

Hat tip - Riehl World View

HarryTho Update (via email):

The newspapers are carrying the same stuff. Benvida de Sousa calls Joran's release as bail without money.

It's confirmed that a judge has overruled the decision to keep Satish Kalpoe detained another 8 days. Deepak Kalpoe has been ordered released, as well. Both releases resemble the conditions under which Joran van der Sloot was to be released.


As of 7:39 PM EDT, all three suspects are to be freed. Judge Smid ruled that Satish and Deepak Kalpoe could go free, provided that they do not try to leave the island. Defense counsels added that their clients had been free for two months and never tried to leave the island. Their lawyers expressed that they emphatically contend that they are innocent. The prosecutors are still remaining silent. Lincoln Gomez, a defense counsel not connected to the case, suspects that the three are innocent, even though public opinion has convicted them. Ricardo Yarzagarary cautions about interpreting the releases as an indication of innocence.

In a final note for the night, the cable news networks are especially quiet over the recent prison releases. Apparently, most of these stations, with emphasis on Nancy Grace and Joe Scarborough, placed all their efforts on the guilt of these three individuals in Aruba. Accordingly, their silence is to be expected. Fortunately, the devastation of Hurricane Katrina allows them cover.

I don't expect to hear much from these stations tonight, although Fox News still provides cursory coverage which, in a sense, summarizes the day's AP reports.

Reader Greg C. emailed in to add:
I think this case is kind of a murder mystery movie where someone was killed in a mansion. When the murder was discovered, the doors to the mansion were locked and the investigation began. Aruba is kind of like that mansion and there were clues and subjects. I think it caught the fancy of many wannabe homicide detectives. And the noise created by the Holloway-Twitty family has helped keep it in the spotlight.

Actually, to be more specific, it's more like the classic black & white mystery movie where there is a festive party at the mansion (Aruba) that ends in a murder and someone in the mansion did it.
And they can't leave because they're locked in. I think in this case,
Inspector Clouseau appears to be running the investigation.

Well, in any event, it's back to square one, and Inspector Clouseau is looking more and more like he'd be a welcome addition to the existing team of investigators.

Posted by Richard at September 2, 2005 4:33 PM

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