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September 15, 2005

Iran admits: "The aim is a nuclear bomb"

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Mahmoud Farouzi writes at "Persian Journal" today, that the dispute between Iran and the West on the nuclear issue can be summed up by the answer to one main question: When Iran says that it's interested in developing nuclear capacity, what does it really mean?

(...) Ali Larijani, the new secretary of the "Supreme Council for National Security" in Iran, went on a lot of trouble this week to convince the western press that Iran's intension is to gain nuclear capacity for peaceful use only. At the same time, his own brother, Mohammed Javad Larijani, who is also the head of the Physics Research Center in Iran, told an Iranian audience a completely different story.

B(...) But doesn't it contradict Khamenei's famous fatwa, which supposedly religiously forbid the non-peaceful use of nuclear technology? Well, trust Mohammed Javad Larijani to sort things out. According to his speech "When we say that the legislator tied our hands regarding the use of nuclear weapons, he means only that we are not to make the first nuclear strike..."

As Mahmoud suggests, in effect, Iran bluntly admits their intention to develop nuclear weapons, which makes it imperative that the next time representatives of the Iranian leadership tell the western press that their intention is to gain nuclear capacity for peaceful use only, we should ask ourselves: What does Iran really mean by "nuclear capacity"?

Posted by Richard at September 15, 2005 10:43 PM

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