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September 23, 2005

'I didn't mean to kill my girl'

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A SYDNEY woman charged with her daughter's murder told police she did not mean to "kill my little girl" when she fed her several doses of the drug methadone. It aeems that they had put the methadone in a cough syrup bottle and claimed that they got the bottles mixed up.

Rose Marie Villanueva-Austin, six, died in the family's home at Cattai, in north-western Sydney, last Sunday.

Her mother, Julie Anne Austin, and 55-year-old stepfather, John King, were arrested yesterday after toxicology tests indicated Rose had ingested enough methadone to kill an adult.

King was refused bail today in Blacktown Local Court, where Austin was due to appear this afternoon.

Police Prosecutor Sergeant Terry James told the court the Crown would claim the couple showed "reckless indifference to life".

Police facts tendered to the court today said Austin, a drug addict for 14 years, claimed to have accidentally fed her daughter several one-teaspoon doses of methadone instead of the cough medicine Dimetapp.

What these low-lifes did to this little girl is so stupid and so bad that it's almost scary. But what's even more scary is that really stupid people like these are allowed to breed!

Posted by Richard at September 23, 2005 1:50 AM

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