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September 10, 2005

Hawaiian Democrats: Isle delegation criticizes slow federal response to Katrina

Topics: Natural Disasters

It seems unfathomable for Hawaii's Democrat Congressional delegation to criticize FEMA when they were in position to provide aide to New Orleans hours, if not days, before Hurricane Katrina hit. FEMA did their job. The breakdown occurred in the communication between FEMA and the local authorities.

As for those in distress, the available resources to evacuate them were in the hands of the Mayor of New Orleans. One kid even stole one of the buses, from a parking lot filled with City vehicles, and brought 80 Katrina victims with him to Houston, TX.

Please keep in mind that one-third, over 500 New Orleans police officers abandoned their posts during the disaster. An abandonment of that magnitude does not occur within of a void; it is a clear indication of extremely poor leadership and reflects upon the Mayor and his inept entourage of public servants.

The resolution here is not blame the overseeing federal agency, it is persuade residents to stop electing alligator-mouth and humming-bird a-- politicians into positions of authority. You just might have to rely on them.

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Posted by Richard at September 10, 2005 11:31 PM

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