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September 28, 2005

HarryTho's Wednesday Night Natalee Holloway Update(Updated)

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Another spin night, with little substance. But there are a few items of interest:

Scared Monkeys has put up two interesting posts. The comments have evolved into more vigorous discussion than the usual "hang 'em high" scenarios.

Joe seems to talk a lot, and he puts up some money. I fail to see what all this media-generation is all about. They first need to ascertain Natalee's status before they can fault anyone.

Ian at Political Teen has the video of Natalee Holloway's mother on A Current Affair (hat tip - Riehl World View).

In the Current Affair interview, Beth Twitty was shown the full interview with Joran van der Sloot. Beth pointed out all the lies and misconceptions in Joran's statements. Twitty also explained that the FBI was NEVER involved in the investigation because the Aruban government wouldn't allow it.

As I reviewed Joran van der Sloot's interview with Current Affair, there was one thing that glared out at me. Joran never said that he was innocent. What he did say is that they (the prosecutor) do not have one bit of evidence that he or the Kalpoe brothers were involved in Natalee's disappearance. To me, as a Textual Analyst and Narratologist, that omission is significant.

Ed Meece, Attorney General under Reagan, was once called on some improprieties. He responded similarly by saying "They got nothing on me ... " (or words to that effect). As I recall, he was removed form his post for the very improprieties for which he rebutted.

The omission hints at Joran's guilt.

However, according to Joran Van Der Sloot Blog, Joran believes "Things Are Definitaly Looking Up."

"I had a ruff time the past 3 monthes but things are definitaly looking up now. I have so many friends and family members that love me that whatever other people say doesn't bother me the slightest bit. Life is fragile and your whole life can be turned upside down at anytime, my suggestion to everyone is carpedium and live every day to its fullest!"

Tonight, Nancy Grace aired excerpts from the Current Affair interview with Joran van der Sloot.

Nancy spotlighted Beth Twitty's reaction to Joran's statements, and supported Beth with a cast of her "Council of Cacklers": Harris Faulkner, Patricia Saunders and Renee Rockwell.

Harris Faulkner made statements that the FBI never received any documents from the Aruban authorities. Nancy was in total disbelief ... so was I.

Patricia Saunders believes that Joran is a pschopath, because, as she puts it, he lies like he breathes. (Nancy looked a long time to enlist this gal!)

Renee Rockwell warns that someone has to shut Joran up, because anything he says can be used against him. Interestingly, Renee was cautious in explaining the gangrape scenario being promoted by Nancy. Renee reiterates that the description, allegedly reported as being seen by Beth Twitty, of her daughter going in and out of consciousness during sex, would be tantamout to rape. Renee disbelieves that anyone could escape the charge of rape, given that sworn statement. When I first listened to Renee's support of Nancy, I just relegated her to the Council of Cacklers. However, the way Renee expressed her opinion, this evening, she seems to be conveying a sense of questioning Beth's comprehension of the sworn statements being relied upon ... if they exist at all. On that note, I would have to concur with Renee's suspicions: Beth could be misinformed.

Nancy Grace went on to enlist the support of Richard Herman in this appeal for Beth and the gangrape scenario. Richard just laughed at Nancy. When Richard tred to discount Nancy's promotions, Nancy, with assertive grace, disconnected Richard from the telecast. Clearly, Nancy was promoting a one-sided agenda.

Beth Twitty's story tonight was the usual "inconsistencies extravaganza." She talks about a meeting with an internaitonal lawyer to see if there are options left unaddressed.

Nancy directed the conversation with allusion to gangrape, GHB drugs, and then harped on Joran's statement that he left Natalee on the beach. Nancy: Joran left a beautiful girl on the beach that wanted him to stay the night. Nancy was in disbelief. Apparently, Nancy must believe that men have no other obligations other than attend to Southern women. OK! I will just share with dear Nancy that some men do have other interests, despite the over-enticing demands of beautiful Southern women alone on a beach at night ... though, in acquiescence, not many.

Nancy then juxtaposed Joran's "no sex" statement with Deepak's "all sex" statement.

Check later to see if we have more...

There's more! Rita Crosby at MSNBC news hosted Joe Mammana and Beth Twitty.

Beth mentioned that the purpose of the meeting with the international lawyer, Marty Trichon, was to research remaining avenues for redress against the island of Aruba and the suspects. Beth then discussed Joran's statements with Rita. Beth repeats her disbelief in the lack of charges being brought for rape and gang-rape, based upon the statements made by the suspects that she claims to have seen. Upon querying from Rita, Beth admits that the statements that she saw were translations from their Dutch originals.

Joe Mammana introduced his hiring of a PR man, Eliot Curson or Pearson (sp?). Eliot was a former PR man for Ronald Reagan. Joe will promote a national boycott of Aruba. He believes that the island of Aruba has been dishonest in Natalee's disappearance. Joe expressed discouraging words in his appraisal of Joran van der Sloot. Joe speaks more like a gangster than a philanthropist.

I pray the translated statements were not provided by Josie Mansur!

Posted for HarryTho

Posted by Richard at September 28, 2005 10:49 PM

That was a very astute observation on your part. It sure slipped past me and I haven't heard anyone else catch it either.

Posted by: Carol Conway at September 28, 2005 11:37 PM

So happy that things are LQQKING up for Joran in his eyes. Do all people without a conscience think that way ?

Posted by: Stefani at September 29, 2005 12:09 AM

STEFANI questions whether "...all people without a conscience think that way?"

MY COMMENT: I listened to JORAN's recent interview (a la O'Reilly). I heard an 18 year old male speak and say what are the facts of the his involvement. I have two sons of near similar age, and JORAN sounds & comports himself exactly as they do.

JORAN's response to the "sex" question was IMHO classically a male teenager's response: First, he said that IT WAS NOT ANYONE'S BUSINESS (because MALE protocol demands initially that a MALE should never fess up to NOT having sex [that would threaten that certain male ego hanging, as it does, by a very thin thread]). AND THEN, given second consideration, he admits that he did not have sex with NATALEE.

JORAN -- in my humble opinion -- came across as a very credible, sensitive, young man, who is unfortunately 18 and, thus, bears the foolishness of most 18 year olds. (that's why rent a car companies won't let 18 year olds rent cars, and most of the civilized world will not officially permit 18 year olds' open service of alcoholic beverages).

BETH & THE CACKLERS, unforunately, seem to posit most of their "facts" on unsubstantiated (if not "manufactured") evidence. ... AH, but I'm sure those media ratings and the HOLLOWAY RESCUE FUND are both "up there." (sad)

TO JORAN: (1) I agree with RENEE ROCKWELL [see above blog] that it would be prudent that, for now, you should maintain silence to any and all questions regarding this matter; and (2) end the MYSPACE/WHATEVER SPACE website.

This story/history is far from over. Sadly, I believe we will all be witness to some future TWISTS.


Posted by: Jack in Southern California at September 29, 2005 10:33 AM

just reading about beth and joe oh my goodness
please STOP THE MADNESS if this wasnt so very sad it would be like a comic strip.ARUBA IS NOT GOING TO SHAKE AND SHIVER BECAUSE OF ONE BIG MOUTH MAN.believe me Aruba has been threatened by bigger and better than big bad joe.STOP THE MADNESS !!!

Posted by: sunshine at September 29, 2005 4:58 PM

After having my comments deleted by the scared folks at scared monkeys multiple times, I am happy to see your blog. You speak the truth about the other side. Because Beth and the cacklers (especially that damned Nancy Grace) say something, that does not make it true.
Keep up the great work!!

Posted by: commonsense at September 30, 2005 3:40 PM

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